Sakamoto Days Chapter 171 Recap & Review


Chapter 171 of Sakamoto Days begins with Sakamoto staring at his family’s shop. He wonders if he should be here right now. Nagumo understands Sakamoto’s concerns. He tells Sakamoto if he wants to survive he should murder Slur or destroy the JAA.

Sakamoto goes for a stroll and encounters two men. The two men notice Sakamoto and try to harm him. Sakamoto defeats the men and says he wants to live in peace. He knows this all started because Akao put that bounty on his head. Nevertheless, Sakamoto plans to discuss things with Aoi (his wife). Sakamoto hides behind one of the shop’s shelves and wonders how he should approach Aoi. Then, another man sees Sakamoto.

Sakakmoto defeats the man and overhears Aoi saying she wants to talk to Sakamoto about something. He thinks Aoi’s contemplating divorcing him. Sakamoto listens further and learns Aoi may have to shut the store down. Sakamoto confronts Aoi about it. Aoi says they aren’t getting normal customers like usual due to the number of assassins entering the place.

Moreover, Aoi says more stores are opening up, making their shop feel obsolete to pedestrians. Nevertheless, Aoi says she wants to keep the shop open because she and Sakamoto have dedicated much time to it. In a flashback, we see Aoi and Sakamoto exploring the place that has yet to become their shop. Sakamoto informs Aoi on how he obtained the keys to this place. Aoi suggests they turn this dump-like establishment into a shop.

After that, we return to the present. Sakamoto ponders and says he doesn’t want to lose this shop. He regroups with Shin and others. Sakamoto uses this place’s computer. He asks Shin to tell him about the JAA’s branches. Sakamoto wants to take over the JAA and turn his local shop into a National Chain Store. 

Shin and Heisuke are unsure if that’s the best decision. Sakamoto tries explaining himself but a news broadcast airs on television. In it, the reporter says a few terrorists attacked a JAA-owned weapons factory. Moreover, they reveal Slur and his cronies are responsible for this. Slur and his allies plan to engage in a heated battle soon.

The chapter ends with a shot of Slur and his followers. 

The Chapter Review

After engaging in some intense combat at the museum, it looks like Sakamoto wants to strive to create a wealthy business. On that note, it was touching to see his shop’s origins. It shows that Sakamoto lived an unsavory lifestyle before his relationship with Aoi set him down a better path. Although he was a top dog in the assassin world, he received something better. That being a loving family, with a couple of friends down the pipeline like Shin.

Nonetheless, fans will adore seeing more casual scenarios like this in Sakamoto Days. It shows audiences that the story can have easygoing moments, in addition to its action-heavy ones. It mirrors the usual tone and segments in Spy x Family, another Shonen series with similar themes and characters. 

That aside, this chapter updates audiences on Slur and his cronies’ happenings. Unlike Sakamoto and Nagumo, Slur’s making his presence known and is ready to combat any Order members or assassins aiming to take his head. Whether that’s a wise move or not, begs to be seen. Nevertheless, we’re excited to see what unfolds between Slur, his buddies, and their foes in the next chapter. 

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