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Chapter 170 of Sakamoto Days starts with Oki mistaking Nagumo for Sakamoto’s wife. Oki interrogates Nagumo, asking him if he’s seen Sakamoto around. Nagumo says he hasn’t. Torress suggests kidnapping Sakamoto’s wife but Oki refuses because it’d go against the JAA’s policies. Torress tries convincing Oki to move forward with his plan, angering Sakamoto.

Shin calms Sakamoto down. Suddenly, Shin’s disguise miraculously disappears. This entices Nagumo to kick Torress before Torress possibly attacks Shin. Nagumo insists he, Sakamoto, and Shin flee the area. Oki tells Tanabata to attack Sakamoto, Shin, and Nagumo. Tanabata plays a melody on his guitar. The sound reaches a nearby manhole cover and propels the manhole upward, stopping our heroes in their tracks. 

Tanabata tosses a cord at Sakamoto and plays his guitar. The sound echoes through Sakamoto’s head, slightly paralyzing him. Tanabata teases Sakamoto about his dilemma. Osaragi and Kamihate attempt to harm Sakamoto. However, Shin protects Sakamoto. Shin, Sakamoto, and Nagumo successfully flee the scene.

Oki tells Torress and the others not to chase after Sakamoto and his friends. Sakamoto asks Shin questions about his new telepathy ability. Nagumo warns Shin that he should be wary of using this new power. He says there could be some drawbacks to using it.

As soon as our heroes arrive, Sakamoto discovers the cake’s ruined. Sakamoto cries. Nagumo insists Sakamoto see his family regardless. Sakamoto refuses.

The chapter closes with Sakamoto telling Nagumo his family may be in danger if he gets close to them now.

The Chapter Review

Sakamoto Days delivers a chapter brimming with humor, action, and a touch of sadness. Considering it’s Father’s Day (as of this writing), the series’s author, Yuto Suzuki, is doing Sakamoto dirty here. From Hana’s destroyed cake to Sakamoto contemplating his family’s well-being, our skilled hitman has a lot of problems to deal with now that he’s a wanted target, next to Nagumo and Slur. 

Hopefully, Sakamoto can find a way out of this mess because any father can understand a man’s desire to be with his offspring and lover. Additionally, it appears our Chapter 170 predictions came true after all. Not only did the disguises run out but our heroes got into a swift fight with the Order. Although the battle wasn’t as intense as others, fans will love seeing Tanabata demonstrate his musical abilities. 

Sound manipulation is a neat ability and we’re excited to see what other tricks this musician has in store for audiences. This demonstration will fuel fans’ desires for Torress to demonstrate what he can do on the battlefield outside of hardening his body.

Overall, this was an enjoyable chapter of Sakamoto Days. 

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