Sakamoto Days Chapter 169 Recap & Review

A New Mission

Chapter 169 of Sakamoto Days starts with Shishiba confronting Oki about his mission to capture Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Slur. Oki understands Shishiba’s concerns. He tells Shishiba and Osaragi that he recruited two new Order members to help them capture these three. Before Shishiba, Oki, and Osaragi enter a Pachinko shop, a musician catches Osaragi’s interest.

Oki and Shishiba enter the building without her and meet Torres, an old gambling addict. Torres tells Oki he’ll join the Order to settle his 60.2 billion yen debt with the JAA. Shishiba finds Torres’s addiction baffling and attempts to leave. Torres stops Shishiba and asks him for 20 million yen. Shishiba hits Torres’s head with a hammer.

He looks at his hammer and realizes the back of it has been chipped away. Shishiba questions Torres’s powers. Torres tells Shishiba he works to pay off his debt’s interest. However, Torres confirms it costs money to kill and live in this world and blames that on his debt’s occasional increases. Oki asks Shishiba for his opinion on Torres.

Shishiba says he’ll accept Torres to the team. Oki and Shishiba leave the Pachinko building. They notice Osaragi is in love with the musician’s music. Osaragi tells Shishiba that the musician’s song gives her a sad vibe. Then, Osaragi plummets to the ground and the musician says she didn’t understand his music. Then, the musician introduces himself as Tanabata.

He says his song is about the first time he had a blast killing someone. Osaragi and Tanabata confront each other briefly. After everyone’s settled, Oki tells them they must exterminate Slur, Nagumo, and Sakamoto. At Miya’s place, Sakamoto remembers it’s Hana’s (Sakamoto’s daughter’s) birthday. He wants to get her a cake, but Miya reminds him that he shouldn’t go outside now.

Nagumo suggests Sakamoto disguise himself and asks if he can accompany him to the store to help him buy the cake. Nagumo, Shin, and Sakamoto arrive at the store in disguises. Nagumo says they only have 30 minutes before the disguises wear out. Our trio purchases the cake swiftly and Nagumo entices Sakamoto to attend an arcade. Nagumo wants to get Hana a stuffed animal. Then, Shin accidentally bumps into Shishiba and the others.

Sakamoto and Nagumo tell Shin not to react and to play it cool. The chapter closes with Torres looking at Sakamoto with suspicious eyes. 

The Chapter Review

This new story arc of Sakamoto Days isn’t giving Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Slur time to unwind. The Order is on the hunt for this trio and has two new members for them to be weary about. Although we don’t receive much information about Tanabata and Torres, Shishiba and the other’s brief encounters with them give us an idea of why Oki chose them. 

Hopefully, future chapters can elaborate more on their backstories, connections with Oki, and other matters. Simultaneously, this chapter offers subtle humor. From the talking gun gag to Sakamoto worrying about his daughter’s birthday, fans will chuckle at the comedy Yuto Suzuki inserted in this week’s chapter. Yet, it’s unfortunate that Sakamoto can’t return to his normal life with his family, now that he’s a more well-known target in his world. 

Hopefully, we’ll see our skilled assassin have a charming family reunion without the thought of danger floating over his head. Overall, this was an enjoyable chapter of Sakamoto Days. Fans have a hunch Sakamoto and Nagumo’s situation will worsen, but we’re certain they’ll find a way to conquer everything thrown their way. 

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