Sakamoto Days Chapter 168 Recap & Review

Museum Closed

Chapter 168 of Sakamoto Days starts with Sakamoto staring at Slur after Slur’s surprising victory over Takamura. Next, Sakamoto grabs Nagumo and carries him somewhere. Shin and Kashima spot Sakamoto and Nagumo and flee the museum. Sakamoto wakes up to discover Shin and Lu staring at him. Miya informs Sakamoto that he’s been out for a week.

Shin tells Sakamoto what happened to the others at the art museum while they were trying to escape. Although everyone escaped, Shin tells Sakamoto the JAA’s assembled a force to look for him. A news broadcast airs on television telling the public the investigation department wants Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Slur.

After that, Sakamoto tells Miya and Wutang what happened at the art museum. He informs them about Slur and what happened to Takamura. Sakamoto tells everyone Slur copied Takamura and used his skills to slay him. This shocks everyone and Miya asks Wutang if he knows what happened to Slur. Wutang says Slur tapped into his self-preservation instincts after seeing his allies perish.

Moreover, Wutang predicts Slur’s multiple personality disorder allowed him to create a new persona for himself. Later, Osaragi and Shishiba meet Oki. Oki happens to be the Order’s leader and isn’t happy with the group’s developments since he’s been away. The chapter closes with Oki planning to capture Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Slur. 

The Chapter Review

Before we dive into this, it was nice seeing Sakamoto Days’s Yuto Suzuki distribute a magnificent color page to celebrate their series receiving an anime adaptation for the Winter 2025 anime season. Fans have been begging for this news since the series’s first release in Jump Magazine, so it’s great to see another fun series get a chance to earn a large following. 

That aside, it seems this museum-centric story arc has come to a close. While the museum escape scenario feels anti-climatic and rushed (to a degree), it’s great to see Lu and past characters return to the story. Hopefully, with the anime’s inevitable release, she and other characters will receive more spotlight than they did in previous story arcs. 

Moreover, it’s safe to say Takamura is out for the count. This is slightly disappointing considering we know little about this guy besides his amazing sword-wielding capabilities. In any case, his spirit lives on in Slur, whose character is trekking the path of other multiple personality disorder characters in the anime and comic universe. 

Like the previous chapter, this power-up (of sorts) can be dangerous to combat. Imagine if Slur copies Sakamoto’s movements. The thought of that sounds chilling and exciting simultaneously. In addition to introducing readers to Oki, the Order’s leader, this was an okay way to end this story arc. 

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