Sakamoto Days Chapter 167 Recap & Review

Peering Into The Abyss

Chapter 167 of Sakamoto Days starts with Slur reacting to Haruma’s demise. Nagumo and Sakamoto try lending Slur’s group a hand but Takamura retaliates. Gaku jumps in but Takamura retaliates again, fatally injuring Nagumo, Gaku, and Sakamoto. Sakamoto fears he and the others won’t defeat Takamura. Slur observes his fallen allies from afar and he reflects on his time with them. 

Slur has an emotional breakdown and mentions something along the lines of someone taking away his family. Before Takamura murders Slur, Sakamoto recalls Slur’s ability to create new personalities when he undergoes a great deal of stress. Somehow, Slur uses Takamura’s sword to slice Takamura in half. Takamura plummets to the ground.

The chapter closes with Sakamoto and Nagumo reacting to this bonkers development. 

The Chapter Review

Much like Sukuna, Takamura’s been a powerhouse in the Sakamoto Days manga. Since Takamura’s debut, fans were curious to see if anyone, Sakamoto included, could best Takamura. Well, Chapter 167 may hold the answer to that dormant question. Although Slur’s “possible” victory over Takamura will leave fans feeling mixed, others will find this alternate persona resolution mildly genuine or poorly written. 

Previous chapters revealed that Slur and Akao share a similar body. Therefore, the likelihood of Slur developing alternative personalities or swiping personas from folks who want to kill him doesn’t sound like a farfetched concept.

Moreover, this alternative personality idea will remind retro anime enthusiasts of Wolfgang Grimmer’s character from Naoki Urasawa’s Monster. For shonen lovers, Ryota Kise from Kuroko’s Basketball also dabbled in that copying abilities idea.

All that aside, it’ll be interesting for the next chapter to take a break from the action and delve deeper into this multiple-personality or copying ability debacle with Slur. It’d be a great refresher chapter for fans, especially those who want a break from the action.

All in all, Sakamoto Days continues to be a fun, over-the-top series that’s worth reading. 

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