Sakamoto Days Chapter 162 Release Date, Time & Where To Read

Sakamoto Days: Chapter 162

Sakamoto Days is a fairly modern and popular action comedy manga written and illustrated by Yuto Suzuki. It follows a retired and proficient hitman named Taro Sakamoto who enjoys living life with his family and running his neighborhood store. However, when someone places a bounty on his head, Sakamoto must return to the life he once lived to protect his family. The story has had 10 arcs (so far) and we’re currently exploring the Assassin Exhibition of the Century Arc.

If you’ve been following this manga, you may be curious to know when the next chapter will be released. Well, wonder no more!

Here is everything you need to know about chapter 162 of Sakamoto Days, including the release date, time, and where to read this.

Where can I Read Sakamoto Days?

Sakamoto Days can be read at a number of different places online. Viz Media is available for those in the US and Canada, while Manga Plus also has the rights to drop new chapters. However, it will also be available to read on Shonen Jump too. 

The printed volumes only go up to number 14 in Japan at the time of writing, so reading online is the definitive way to read this one.

Sakamoto Days: Chapter 162 Release Date

Sakamoto Days: Chapter 162 will be released on Sunday 14th April at approximately 3pm (GMT) / 7am (PT) / 10am (ET). Of course, it’s really dependent on how quickly these chapters are uploaded. Expect this to be pretty close to the release time though.

All other chapters are available to read on the above websites, while the ongoing anime is also available on Crunchyroll.

Expect the chapter to be roughly 20-26 pages long. This is also a weekly release so expect the next to drop in a week.

How Many Chapters Will Sakamoto Days Have?

There’s been no indication that Sakamoto Days is going to end any time soon. However, Suzuki confirmed in a JUMP GIGA 2023: Winter (a quarterly sister magazine to Weekly Shonen Jump) issue back in 2022 that he had already planned an ending for the series. Yet, no specific date or timeframe for the manga’s final chapter has been stated (so far). Therefore, it’s best to expect this series to continue for a year or so. 

What Happened In Chapter 161?

Chapter 161 of Sakamoto Days begins where we left off in chapter 160 with Shishiba telling Amane that he killed his father Satoru. He tells Amane that someone assigned him the task. However, Shishiba says he can’t elaborate on what his father did to deserve death. The two argue over the matter. During this argument, Shishiba reminiscences about an experience he had with Satoru.

Then, Carolina attempts to attack Amane, but Shishiba protects him. Amane questions Shishiba’s actions afterward. Shishiba tells Amane to run. Carolina tells the two that he plans to give them a brutal demise. Amane’s unsure if he should abandon Shishiba. Then, Kumanomi appears behind Amane and attempts to hurt him.

However, a strange buzzsaw enters the battlefield, startling Carolina, Amane, and Kumanomi. Carolina tells Kumanomi that someone is hiding on the battlefield. He falls into a hole and pops out in pieces. Osaragi exits the hole and crawls toward Shishiba. She tells him not to perish and promises to return soon. Osaragi turns to Amane and harms him.

She believes he’s responsible for Shishiba’s wounds. Then, we cut away to Nagumo and Slur in the museum’s bottom storage vault. Slur chuckles and tells Nagumo he hasn’t changed, much like Sakamoto. The chapter closes with Nagumo looking startled and we receive a brief mention of Akao. 

What do you hope to see as the arc progresses? What’s been your favorite moment of Sakamoto Days so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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