Saint X – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


What happens when Allison goes out with Edwin and Gogo?

In the past timeline, episode 8 of Saint X sees Edwin, Gogo, and Alison at the neighborhood pub. Gogo hears Edwin’s attempt to justify his refusal to let Sara date him. Since Sara isn’t in love with him, Edwin claims he was only trying to protect his friend. Thereafter, Edwin is requested to drive Allison someplace undiscovered by tourists.

The groip head towards a remote location but Alison has a good time because of Edwin and Gogo. They share drinks and smoke marijuana together.

Alison begins her threesome strategy at the picturesque location. Edwin kisses Gogo, demonstrating his feelings for the man. Following this, Alison blacks out. However, something in Gogo is unlocked by the kiss. He acknowledges that he also loves Edwin. When Alison wakes up and spots them, they are nearly ready to move forward. In a fit of rage, Edwin yells at Alison asking her to leave. And n doing so, she sprints towards the hotel.

What does Gogo tell Emily about her sister’s death?

In the present, Gogo takes Emily to a parking lot. He calls the girl by her actual name, Claire, since he is aware that she has been lying to him. According to Gogo, her tics made her real identity obvious.

Emily fears that he will murder her, but Gogo takes her away from the taxi and promises to tell her the real story. He also makes it clear that he doesn’t intend to meet her ever again. Gogo describes what went down that evening and adds that Edwin stopped him from pursuing Alison. Thereafter, Gogo takes responsibility for failing to stop her sister.

Who killed Allison?

Tyler and Alison have sex in the past timeline, and he is forced to choke her. When Tyler declines to do that, Alison runs back to her room after getting too drunk. She argues with Claire, and the stress of it all sees Alison experience a mental breakdown after realizing she isn’t special.

Alison attempts to travel to Faraway Cay by herself by swimming. Once Alison arrives at the island, she stumbles and falls off the rocks. As it turns out, Alison’s death was an accident, not a murder.

What does Tyler tell Emily once she confronts him?

In the present timeline, Emily goes to Tyler’s place in search of the truth. Tyler reveals that in order to avoid becoming a suspect, he told the authorities a lie. Tyler tells Emily that he overheard them fighting and that she had been the very last person who saw Alison alive.

Following the revelation, Emily goes back to her flat. She holds herself accountable, believing she had the capacity to stop Alison from visiting Faraway Cay.

Why was Gogo arrested?

Every single one of the narrative’s remaining holes are filled in by additional flashbacks. In the past timeline, Gogo and Edwin were taken into custody after being found driving while intoxicated. The next day, they were free to go.

We find out that Tyler accused Gogo and Edwin when Alison disappeared. As a consequence, Gogo grew terrified. Gogo was supposed to go to New York with Edwin. However, he learned about the disappearance of the girl and the rumors from his sister.

Edwin also had to postpone his trip as a consequence of this. Gogo thought that his closeness with Edwin was the root of this misfortune. After that, Alison’s corpse was discovered, and Gogo was taken into custody for the possession of drugs.

Does the show have a happy ending?

In the present, Emily returns home to her parents shortly after her meltdown. She confides in her, acknowledging that she won’t ever fully comprehend Alison’s circumstances and that she must move on. She also requests that her mother call her by her actual name, Claire.

Gogo makes his way back to the small island in the concluding scene. When Edwin gets sick, Gogo decides to visit. Edwin requests Gogo fill him in on everything he knows about New York, a city he’s always wanted to visit but hasn’t had the opportunity to do so. Edwin and Gogo reunite, reviving their previous friendship. As the camera zooms out, Gogo gives Edwin a forehead kiss while they continue to hold hands.

The Episode Review

The numerous timelines of the series come to an end in the finale. Alison’s death is thoroughly explained during the past timeline, and the show goes on to investigate every possible suspect. All the while, Emily and her quest for the truth is the main focus of the current timeline.

The series tries to have a heartwarming ending, but it just can’t pull it off. The end is not cohesive because it includes far too many disorganized sequences and hurried edits. Additionally, the characters continue to act absurdly and make choices that can’t be taken seriously at all. For what it’s worth, there are several admirable attempts to make the ending as moving as possible but Saint X has been disappointing overall.

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