Saint X – Season 1 Episode 7 “The Goat Witch And The Sinner” Recap & Review

The Goat Witch And The Sinner

After seeing Clive beat a guy, Emily retreats to her bedroom and refuses to come out. Clive’s actions have impacted her as it’s suggested that he might have been the murderer. This time around, Emily agrees to Josh’s suggestion that she visit her psychotherapist again.

When Emily sees her therapist, they go over the incident in greater detail. The therapist worries that Emily’s unpredictable behavior will cause her to get hurt or, even worse, die. She brings up survivors’ guilt, speculating that Emily secretly wants to be harmed.

When Emily says she wants to know the truth, the psychotherapist answers truthfully. She goes on to say that Alison will never come back, and Emily might never receive the answers she is looking for. This infuriates Emily, who walks away mid-session. Emily walks into the street while feeling self-destructive and almost gets hit by a car.

Emily’s careless behavior is witnessed by Clive. They then get together and meet up at the eatery. Emily goes on to lie, claiming that she had a brother who passed away under circumstances identical to Alison’s. However, Clive doesn’t seem to understand the connections. Emily suggests that after getting drinks, they visit a club.

As they converse over drinks, the subject of Clive’s former position as a hotel waiter comes up. Clive responds that there had been an incident when Emily inquires as to why he left. They then start to dance, and after getting lost in the music, Emily thinks back to the time she spent with Alison. Clive gets upset when Emily touches him inappropriately, and he leaves.

We are then transported back in time, where we learn that it’s Alison’s last day at the resort. Allison discusses Edwin’s womanizing tendencies with Olivia before admitting she wishes to please him despite being disappointed. Meanwhile, Edwin is terrified that the entire hotel is aware of his private matters after being seen with another man.

Bery and Desmond discuss Sara’s revelation. Desmond learned that Edwin was involved in getting rid of Sara’s mom’s boyfriend. He wasn’t killed by Edwin, though, as he merely found work elsewhere. In exchange, Sara is not allowed to get close to Clive. Desmond debates whether or not to tell Clive the truth regarding the situation, and in the end Bery advises him to keep it a secret.

Following this, flashbacks provide more information about Edwin’s past. We discover that he was told to suppress his sexuality and consequently, developed jealousy over Clive’s relationship with Sara.

Alison asks Edwin whether he would like to do anything special with her on her last night back at the resort. Edwin dismisses her and leaves. Alison begins to regret spending the entire vacation pursuing Edwin and Tyler. She invites Claire for a movie night, which her younger sister is thrilled to attend.

Clive and Bery then discuss Sara. Clive acknowledges that he has fallen in love with Sara and is puzzled by the fact that she doesn’t feel the same way. Bery has a change of heart and requests that Desmond tell Clive what’s happening.

Meanwhile, at their last party, the resort’s tourists are out dancing. Edwin fears that everyone is aware of his sexual preferences but he extends an invitation to Alison for a night out. He says he’ll take her to a nearby pub and Faraway Cay.

Desmond tells Clive what he knows before they leave for their night out. Clive though, presses Sara for the truth. She denies having feelings for Clive and doesn’t acknowledge the agreement she has with Edwin.

Before leaving, Olivia meets up with Alison. She suggests that Allison should engage in a threesome with Edwin and Clive. After some thought, Alison decides to go along with the plan.

Paul is confronted by Edwin, who constantly fears that his secrets are being revealed. Paul declares he hasn’t revealed Edwin’s secret to anybody but it doesn’t seem to quell his fears.

Alison informs Claire that she is leaving, and since Alison claimed she was planning on staying inside with her sister, Tyler accuses her of lying when he watches her leave the premises. Shortly before Clive and Edwin start arguing about Sara, Alison interrupts their talk. They then proceed to make their way towards the bar.

The episode comes to a close in the present timeline, as we see Emily leaving the club. Meanwhile, Josh and Sunita are concerned about her wellbeing because she didn’t inform them about where she is. Clive pulls up close to Emily and tells her to board his taxi.

The Episode Review

The episode grows more tense as Alison leaves the resort on her tragic journey, which will inevitably result in her premature passing. Emily breaks down in the present-day timeline too and additionally, she meets up with the potential murderer of her sister once more.

Although the series is a chaotic mess, this particular episode is perhaps the most interesting one so far. It offers real tension and does succeed in piquing our interest despite the unrealistic premise and weak characters’ motivations.

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