Saint X – Season 1 Episode 6 “Loose Threads Of The Past” Recap & Review

Loose Threads Of The Past

Episode 6 of Saint X opens and we learn that the detective working on Alison’s case has been fired by the island’s police department for mishandling the matter. Alison’s parents receive an apology from the island, but they insist on sticking with their story.

Following their traumatic vacation, Bill and Mia return to New York. Mia’s days are spent sobbing and getting ready for Alison’s funeral. While on the phone, Bill expresses his desperation for the police to uncover the truth. In the midst of all this grief, Claire feels emotionally abandoned. If that wasn’t enough, the family is greeted with sympathy everywhere they go.

Meanwhile, the severity of Claire’s tics worry her parents. They make the decision to relocate to California in order to protect her from the tragedy.

Emily is meticulously cleaning her flat in the present timeline. She is curious as to what was written in Clive’s letter so she follows him to his flat and comes dangerously close to breaking in.

Josh, Emily’s partner, is worried about Emily. During her working hours, he runs into her at home. Emily acknowledges that she was fired from work, so Josh questions her regarding the cab driver.

Josh, who is well aware that she has been lying to him, is thinking about ending the relationship. Emily swears that she will explain everything to him that evening, so he reminds her that they have to meet her parents that evening. Meanwhile, a flat mate breaks into Clive’s room because he believes Clive stole money from him.

Just before the family meal begins, Josh questions Emily yet again. He informs her that he interacted with Sunita and he is aware of her meetings with Clive. However, the arrival of Emily’s parents ends their argument.

The dinner goes smoothly, and Emily’s parents express their pride in her. However, she can’t maintain her composure and she goes on to say that she lost work and hasn’t been going to her therapist anymore. Emily acknowledges that she wishes to learn about Alison, going on to accuse her parents of abandoning the investigation.

In their defense, Emily’s parents go on to explain how the investigation was making them crazy. Emily believes that their bad parenting has destroyed her; she feels as though she was never given the chance to truly express herself and grieve. Even before her parents can respond, Emily walks away. As one may expect, Emily’s behavior hurts her parents.

After her parents leave, Emily informs Josh that she’s determined and she will continue investigating up until she has resolved Alison’s murder case.

Alison and Edwin keep running into each other in the past timeline. She requests that he take her to see some of the island’s customs because she wants to occasionally leave the resort. Desmond agrees to plan a trip for Alison in the meantime, but her family doesn’t wish to go.

Alison is confronted by Tyler, who claims that she isn’t special. He continues by telling her that every week, Edwin finds a new white girl to sleep with. Following this, Alison sobs in the restroom and Dana comforts her.

Thereafter, we see that Ethan, Dana’s spouse, is still fixated on Alison. Dana advises him to mature while citing the numerous other sexual offenses she’s been forced to deal with. Meanwhile, with regards to what he heard, Desmond meets Sara and inquires regarding Edwin’s feelings for her.

In the present timeline, a fight breaks out in the streets after Clive’s flatmate demands his money back. Emily watches the fight, and the man is beaten by Clive on the streets. Here, Emily concludes that Clive can actually commit murder.

The Episode Review

The show continues to move painfully slowly and drip-feeds information to stretch out its unreasonably long episodes. Additionally, the storyline in the show is filled with gaps. We don’t understand what actually happened, how everything fits together, or why the murder requires so much background information.

To make matters worse, the timelines too have a noticeable lag, which is disappointing. In an effort to find some sort of meaning, it appears as though they are all thrown together randomly.

At this point, there’s very little chance that the makers can save this series unless the final two episodes give us a ton of background information.

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