Saint X – Season 1 Episode 5 “Colonial Interference” Recap & Review

Colonial Interference

The investigation team is searching for Alison as we begin Saint X episode 5. Many potential suspects for Alison’s death are mentioned by the writers in an effort to keep the audience guessing and so far, it seems to be working.

Gogo is evading the search team, and Olivia is weeping, saying she has made an awful mistake. On the other hand, Ethan refuses to help in the ongoing search. Tyler’s father meets him and demands to know if he has lied to the police like he asked him to. During this conversation, we also learn that Edwin is preparing to permanently move out of the island.

In the current timeline, Emily is still looking into Alison’s death. She’s discovered a video of a Desmond-led Alison murder tour that took place on the island. Josh then goes on to remind her that it’s Alison’s birthday, and she thanks him for remembering. Josh asks Emily about the taxi driver he previously spotted her with but she makes up an excuse and says he behaved decently by helping her in the rain.

Emily connects with Tyler and questions him about the vacation. She wants explanations but can’t really recall much about the holiday. Tyler though mentions Gogo and Edwin. Although he recalls Edwin as a charming and attractive man, he additionally tells her that he turned out to be a calculating and shady person. Emily only has pleasant memories of Gogo.

Tyler believes Gogo simply followed Edwin’s instructions and according to him, Gogo was imprisoned for possessing drugs. Edwin could have even relocated to New York.

Emily keeps an eye out for Gogo at the cafe he frequently visits. When he arrives, he claims that he’s planning on seeing an old friend which is making him nervous. Emily believes Edwin is the person he’s going to meet, and becomes angry, raising his voice when she presses him further. After, he tells her that she should leave him alone.

Emily asks Sunita whether they could follow Clive the night he’s meeting with Edwin. Sunita asks her to set aside her obsession and continue focusing on her work.

Emily abandons her job and goes on to follow Clive anyway, regardless of this. The hotel’s babysitter, Berry, is the host and creator of the art exhibition that Clive ends up visiting. Edwin is not the old companion Gogo was referring to as it turns out, Berry is. The friends talk about their past lives as well as the island. Thereafter, Gogo receives a letter from Berry. He reads it and becomes deeply frustrated, prompting him to leave.

After the exhibition, Emily speaks with Sunita about the letter’s content. Emily’s fixation has caused them both to lose their jobs, and Sunita is apathetic towards her as a consequence.

We are then transported back in time, where we see Bill talking to Alison regarding her two relationships. He is concerned that as a result of her naïve love affairs, Alison will disappoint Tyler and she could possibly cause Edwin to lose his job.

At the same time, Tyler puts together a special picnic for Alison. He strangely approaches Edwin and asks him for help. In order to avoid any potential hostility from Alison’s father, Edwin tells Desmond how he intends to sleep with Alison on her very last night there.

That evening, during their intimate, private picnic, Alison and Tyler kiss. Tyler tells Alison that he wishes to continue their relationship but Alison is unsure. Edwin finds the two teenagers kissing, and when Tyler begins to be pushy, Alison walks away and says they’ll only be friends.

Given that they have nothing better to do, Olivia and Wes end up making out. However, Olivia follows Alison when she notices that she is upset.

After turning Gogo against her, Sara talks to Edwin. She questions whether or not he is in love with her, demanding to understand why he is being so controlling. Edwin though turns away without offering an explanation.

In the present timeline, Josh visits the café that Emily frequently visits. Gogo overhears Josh’s conversation with the owner. Josh then spots Clive and recognizes him from the other night.

The Episode Review

The episode continues its usual trend of using multiple timelines. In the current timeline, Alison’s family mourns her loss on her birthday. Meanwhile, Emily continues to be fixated with the murder, and she follows Clive to an art exhibit, in the hopes of running into Edwin.

The writing and acting quality continues to be on par with daytime dramas in this episode and unfortunately, this tragic tale fails to evoke any sort of sympathy with the audience, given that Alison is not really worth feeling bad for.

Additionally, the lackluster conclusion after each episode provides no compelling reasons for viewers to tune in week after week. Alas, we shall continue with this one, hopefully it’ll pick up in the episodes ahead.

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