Saint X – Season 1 Episode 4 “A Disquieting Emptiness” Recap & Review

A Disquieting Emptiness

The cause of Gogo’s arrest and subsequent events are covered in the first sequence of Saint X episode 4. We discover that he was imprisoned for being in possession of drugs. He consequently missed the opportunity to witness his son’s crucial formative years, although he would receive frequent visits from Bery, the babysitter, in jail.

Gogo is eventually released but when he gets back home, his son, who was four at the time, is there. Gogo promises Sara and his kid that he will find work and support them, but no one hires him. To find work, Gogo travels to New York. He moves into a crammed flat after landing a job as a cab driver but after settling in, Gogo calls Sara. However, she’s already married and no longer in need of help.

Gogo’s kid is now twenty-one years old in the present-day timeline. Gogo is lonely and without friends in the city. In the middle of a traffic jam, he has a scary nightmare involving a witch from his native country.

While watching a TV movie regarding her sister’s death, Emily goes on to learn more about her sister’s passing. Sunita, a friend of Emily’s, advises her to simply let it go. Emily, on the other hand, needs answers.

One evening, Emily meets Gogo. She goes on to say that she’s lonely in the city too and wishes she had someone to talk to. However, Gogo doesn’t buy into her lies. Gogo eventually changes his mind, given that Emily is persistent. Although he starts to reveal more about himself to her, he still keeps most of his private information to himself.

Gogo asks if he can drive Emily home, however he changes the route. He ends up taking her to a quiet alleyway in his car. Although Gogo wants to show Emily a beautiful view overlooking the Statue of Liberty, Emily is afraid of the worst that could happen. He explains that he finds the place to be quiet and soothing, which helps him fall asleep.

Emily shares details of her own past. She goes on to say that she developed a work-related obsession, experienced a breakdown, and required medical attention. Thereafter, she learns about a friend of Clive’s who was fixated on New York when he confides in her. When Emily asks Clive about his friend (Edwin), he dodges the question.

Since Edwin betrayed him, he claims they haven’t communicated in twenty years. Thereafter, Gogo drives Emily to her home. On Emily’s doorstep, they say their goodbyes but Josh spots them interacting with each other.

We are then transported back in time. Edwin gives Gogo a briefing on the drug agreement, and he discloses that in order to get the drugs, he had to flirt his way with One-Eye Mike. He offers Gogo 10% of their profits if he hides the drugs and Gogo accepts the deal, going on to hide them in his home.

Alison and Olivia get closer to each other but in order to give Alison more time with Edwin, Olivia agrees to watch over Claire later that day.

Edwin and Alison cross paths once more and continue to flirt. Edwin talks about his aspirations to get out of the island and thereafter, they end up kissing. Alison goes on to say that she doesn’t want to sleep with him. When Bill notices that Alison no longer spends time with Tyler, he starts to feel unsure about Edwin’s intentions.

Gogo defends his friend by saying that he pays equal attention to every single guest but it is strongly hinted that Olivia also likes Alison during their spa date. Alison talks to Ethan that evening because he keeps staring at her but he flips out and orders him to stop staring at her. Thereafter, we learn that Ethan stole Allison’s shorts and is using them to derive pleasure.

Clive calls Sara to find out who her husband is. Sara goes on to tell him that she ended up getting married to Edwin. Clive, who feels completely betrayed, tells Sara that Edwin is not worthy of her trust. He urges her to ask Edwin what went down the night Alison passed away but Clive then starts screaming, punching the walls of his flat.

The Episode Review

In the flashback sequence, we learn that Alison and Edwin had a brief romantic connection, and Bill, Alison’s dad, becomes increasingly wary of Edwin. In the present timeline, Emily strengthens her relationship with Clive in an effort to uncover the truth regarding that tragic night.

We’re getting very close to learning the truth about what actually took place the night Alison died. However, the episode keeps dragging out its numerous subplots. This one’s loaded with overly dramatic sequences, superficial romances, and terrible attempts at horror. Having said that, the unanswered question begins to pique your curiosity given the numerous revelations offer some real suspense.

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