Saint X – Season 1 Episode 3 “Men Of Interest” Recap & Review

Men Of Interest

Since they hadn’t been their typical humorous selves when he saw them, the investigating detective assumes Edwin and Gogo might be the perpetrators behind Alison’s murder case. As we catch up with what’s happening in Saint X episode 3, the Mayor is pressuring the detective to downplay the seriousness of the situation in order to preserve the island’s good name and tourism prospects. Consequently, the investigating detective cannot arrest the two on the grounds of murder.

The detective reveals his findings at his press conference. He implies that Alison might have been raped before she passed away. He is unsure if it is rape or consensual sex, though but among the very last people who had been seen with Alison were Edwin and Gogo. However, given that it is impossible for them to have returned from Faraway Cay within such a short amount of time, Edwin and Gogo’s involvement in the murder is improbable.

Despite the investigating officer continuing to personally suspect Gogo and Edwin, Alison’s passing is declared an accident. The detective states that Gogo’s house is under investigation for drugs and Gogo is taken into custody.

Furious at this scheme to conceal the truth about Alison’s death, Bill and Mia Thomas arrange for a private press conference. Bill thinks that the tragic event wasn’t accidental and he suspects the investigating officer is hiding the truth to safeguard the island’s tourism industry. He declares that he will keep searching until the truth is discovered.

The Thomas family prepares to leave but on their way out, they are pursued by the media. Mia informs the investigating officer that she is going to appear on live television and that she will ruin the good name of the place in the process.

We are then transported to a different timeline. Gogo has no choice but to take his kid to work on the morning of the narcotics deal meeting as Sara, his kid’s mother, has been out on a date with a married man. Thereafter, Gogo hands his son over to the hotel’s babysitter before promising Edwin that he’ll make it to the meeting no matter what.

Edwin arranges this meeting and promises to do the talking; Gogo is merely accompanying him as the muscle. When Alison attempts to have a conversation with Edwin, he is apathetic since he is preoccupied with his own strategies.  Meanwhile, Desmond, yet another hotel personnel, is in charge of organizing the meeting. One-Eye Mike, the drug dealer, is a relative of Desmond.

In order to pick up her kid, Sara shows up at the hotel. Gogo mentions that he loves her and inquires as to why she went off with a married man. Sara, however, is unwilling to have a relationship with Gogo. She acknowledges that it had been a mistake to be with him. She says that she and Gogo once shared a bed and gave birth to a kid, however she only stayed with him out of responsibility. Keithley, however, is capable of taking care of her.

Gogo is being persuaded by Edwin to put Sara behind him and move on. Gogo, however, is still smitten with her. The two longtime friends disagree, and Edwin drives by himself to the drug deal.

The encounter between Edwin and One-Eye Mike fails to go according to plan. The reason being is that he has to engage in some sexual activity in order to get the drugs.

The teenagers mingle back at the hotel’s lobby. Olivia is envious of Alison and how confident she is. She talks to Alison and tells her that she has observed her making advances towards many men.

Alison acknowledges that she likes Tyler and Edwin equally and she discloses her flaws in an effort to make Olivia feel better by demonstrating that she is human. Thereafter, when Alison and Edwin finally meet, they kiss. Alison meets Tyler a few moments later and kisses him as well.

Emily is still keeping an eye on Gogo in the present timeline. Josh notices that something isn’t right with his partner and Emily acknowledges that she continues to be troubled by the memory of her sister’s passing twenty years ago. Emily acknowledges that she wishes to know what went down that evening.

Emily follows Clive towards a café and pays for his meal because she’s still driven to learn the truth. He is uncomfortable and reserved, while she attempts to converse with him. Following that, Emily reveals the truth regarding the meal to Sunita. In order to gain Gogo’s trust and get the information she needs, Emily comes up with a plan to befriend Clive.

Sunita and Emily follow Clive to his flat. His nickname ‘Gogo’ is called out distantly by Emily and Gogo appears terrified by this. That night Clive has nightmares about the witch from Faraway Cay.

The Episode Review

The mystery drama switches between four different timelines throughout this episode. In the past, whilst Alison’s parents pursue justice, the authorities minimize the seriousness of Alison’s case. Meanwhile, Emily has been pursuing Clive in the present timeline as she is still searching for answers.

The show keeps sticking to its strange formula and with four confusing timelines, the weak storyline woven together doesn’t help. Additionally, the side stories don’t offer much suspense, and this one ends with an absurd dream sequence, taking the show into a caricature-like territory.

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