Saint X – Season 1 Episode 2 “Woman Is Fickle” Recap & Review

Woman Is Fickle

Episode 2 of Saint X starts with Edwin and Gogo caught driving under the influence by Indigo Bay’s private island detective. The detective tells Bill and Mia that Alison has disappeared.

Given that Edwin and Gogo were the last two staff members to be seen with Alison, her dad believes they are responsible. At the hotel, Bill hurts Gogo and demands to know where his daughter is.

In the present, Emily is getting ready to meet up with Gogo and get her phone back. She sees her therapist just before this meeting, where Emily discusses the extent to which she has evolved in the past few years and the fact that she is now prepared to stop going to therapy.

The therapist talks about Emily’s Caribbean neighborhood home and how it might remind her of the past. Emily insists that she has improved, though.

Gogo and Emily do finally meet after this, where he gives her the cell phone back. Following this ordinary meeting, she refrains from saying anything to the potential murderer and goes to work.

Sunita, a close companion of Emily’s, discusses the meeting with Emily. Sunita tells Emily to move on from her past, however, Emily is unable to do so. She looks up Alison’s passing online and is appalled by what she finds.

We travel back in time and find the Thomas family having fun on their holiday. Although Tyler and Alison are enjoying spending time with one another, their obnoxious parents have forced the two teenagers into a summer romance.

Alison makes arrangements to meet Edwin, a hotel staff member, during his break from work after some flirting. In the meantime, Edwin plans to meet One-Eye Mike, a drug dealer.

Edwin makes an effort to persuade Gogo to work with him, and he ends up making profitable promises in exchange to lure him in. Gogo has financial difficulties in supporting his partner and child but Gogo stands firm, unwilling to engage in any kind of drug dealing.

We are then taken back to the time when Edwin and Gogo were young and we look into their previous crimes. The two are discovered selling stolen pants but when they are tracked down by the detective, he advises them to pursue careers in tourism alternatively, something we know they’ll be doing at the hotel.

Back in the vacation timeline, Edwin succeeds in persuading Gogo to participate in the drug transaction. Gogo chooses to take the leap because he is anxious Keithley will take Sara, his partner, away from him. As a consequence, he is eager to earn some cash for his loved ones.

The visitors continue to behave suspiciously. A few of them are on the verge of infidelity, while others are envious of Alison owing to her attractiveness. Alison declines Tyler’s advances though after they share a kiss.

In the tropical paradise of Faraway Cay, a tour group discovers Alison’s corpse near a waterfall. When her corpse is brought back to the beach, both of her parents begin to sob.

In the present timeline, Emily stalks Gogo in order to discover who raped and murdered her older sister.

The Episode Review

All of the main timelines intertwine in this episode, adding more detail concerning Alison’s death’s conditions. The unnecessary timelines give the impression that they were only added to the plot to make it seem more meaningful but unfortunately, in the effort to make everybody in the hotel a suspect, it feels sloppily put together.

This poorly written episode makes the show seem confusing and uninteresting. Additionally, none of the characters are written in a way that we can empathize with them, making this a bit of a slog.

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