Saint X – Season 1 Episode 1 “A Lovely Nowhere” Recap & Review

A Lovely Nowhere

Episode 1 of Saint X begins with us introduced to the Thomas family. They enjoy a getaway at the serene Caribbean resort. Both of their daughters, Alison, the older outgoing girl, and Claire, the younger reserved kid, are present with Bill and Mia. On reaching their destination, they unpack while admiring the resort’s stunning scenery.

The entire family is presented with affordable adventures the following day by hotel employee Edwin, who promotes Faraway Ca. The mysterious island apparently has its own private waterfall and it has an eerie legend attached to it. It becomes clear very quickly that Edwin is a womanizer. On the other hand, his companion Gogo is the more reserved of the two, with a spouse named Sara and a kid to support.

The male visitors make an effort to establish a rapport with Alison throughout a volleyball game. Olivia, a teenage girl, appears envious of all the compliments that Alison is getting. Additionally, there is an odd resentful man here by the name of Ethan who seems jealous of Tyler and Alison’s playful conversations.

Later on in the evening, Tyler and Alison have a private meeting. While Edwin is also interested in Alison, these two teenagers are flirting with each other. The potential repercussions of the meeting are revealed in additional flashbacks where we discover that Allison has been missing.

A detective tells Alison’s parents that Alison snuck out the night she went missing and was seen drinking with two men. With Alison now gone, the men have been taken into custody.

The audience follows Emily, a writer and editor of environmental documentaries, in the current timeline. Emily and her partner Josh move into a flat in Brooklyn. One day, Gogo, who now works under his real name Clive Richardson, picks Emily up in his taxi.

The origin of Clive’s nickname Gogo is revealed in yet another flashback. He used to stutter as a kid, so when he asked to “go” to the restroom in his classroom, he would actually struggle and say “go-go”. Additionally, the timeline also reveals the way Gogo and Edwin met and became close companions when they were young.

The moment Emily Thomas meets Gogo in person, she is overcome with memories of her past. In order to reach Gogo later, Emily decides to drop her cell phone in the cab. It is quickly established that Emily is actually Claire, Alison’s reserved sister. Thereafter, we learn that Alison passed away during that trip to the Caribbean many years ago.

Emily informs her friend Sunita about the terrible encounter. When Sunita brings up the fact that Gogo and Edwin murdered and raped Alison, Emily goes on to say that Gogo may be the only person who truly knows what happened.

Emily is bitter and rude to her partner as a consequence of the incident. The troubling recollections of her traumatic past have got the best of her. However, she does eventually apologize, and they have a touching moment.

Towards the end of the first episode, Emily calls and requests a meeting with Gogo, saying she needs to pick up her phone. Her risky plan ends up working too, as she and Gogo decide to meet.

The Episode Review

Saint X presents a fascinating mystery with a charming setting. The episode introduces audiences to its mysterious storyline concerning the death of Alison and the repercussions of this alarming incident in the present timeline.

The intriguing story will certainly pique the interest of viewers. However, the timelines presented are rather chaotic. Additionally, the premiere fails to give the show’s characters any kind of depth, although that could change in the episodes ahead.

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