Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Frederica’s Bequest

Episode 8 of Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence begins with Giselbert realizing Lawrence and Cecilia are on good terms. Lawrence asks Giselbert to keep Cecilia’s lady saint status a secret, but he asks them to continue their conversation at the mansion. Lawrence and the others visit the Giselbert’s mansion. Abel and Hazelita scold Giselbert for his actions. Hazelita confirms that Giselbert hired Abel and is the master of the mansion while their parents are away.

Giselbert tells everyone to enjoy their time at the mansion. While everyone’s eating, Giselbert converses with Abel outside about Hazelita’s progress and relationship with Cecilia, Lawrence, and the others. Then, Giselbert asks Lawrence to drink with him and discuss things about Cecilia and Hazelita.

Lawrence and Cecilia explore the city alone the next day. They visit a shop, and Lawrence buys Cecilia an expensive necklace and puts it on for her. Cecilia tells Lawrence she’ll treasure the moments they’ve had in the city so far. Lawrence promises to work hard enough to call Cecilia by her name instead of referring to her as “lady saint.”

Cecilia and Lawrence reunite with Eric, Hazelita, and Abel at a restaurant. Hazelita asks Lawerence about the places he visited with Cecilia. She notices he got Cecilia a necklace and gives him praise. Hazelita spills something on the table after Abel scolds her for her meddling antics. She and Eric leave for a moment.

Cecilia notices Lawrence’s having head issues. Abel asks her if she bestowed too much protection on Lawrence again, but Cecilia promises she’s been more careful since then. Abel tells Cecilia to decrease her protection of Lawerence after Lawrence mentions he and Cecilia passed by a garden on their way to the restaurant. Cecilia complies, resulting in Lawrence feeling better.

Abel reveals the garden holds the resting place of Lady Saint Frederica and feels Lawrence was affected by her divine protection. Hazelita returns and tells Cecilia and Lawrence everything she knows about Frederica. She reveals a wealthy family brought Frederica to the city and that she would visit her in the garden when she was a kid.

Hazelita says Frederica earned her Lady Saint of Compassion status by setting people’s hearts at ease as soon as they spoke with her. Hazelita reveals she and her brother would spend the most time with Frederica. Unfortunately, the wealthy family who brought her here only worshipped her for her holy status and refused to treat her as a person. This caused the townsfolk to take a similar stance. Although someone sent a secret report to the Great Lady Saint, who managed to calm things down, Frederica passed away, resulting in Hazelita and Giselbert attending her deathbed.

Lawrence and Cecilia spot Giselbert with a bouquet of flowers and follow him. Giselbert notices them and asks them to accompany him to the place he’s visiting. Giselbert shares intel about the garden’s history as he leads Lawrence and Cecilia to Frederica’s grave. He confirms he’s the one who sent the Great Lady Saint the secret report Hazelita mentioned in her tale.

Giselbert confirms he tried taking Frederica away from the city many times but refused to inform Hazelita. He failed many times because Frederica didn’t want to comply because it didn’t align with her beliefs. Giselbert regrets not being able to save Frederica from her tragic fate.

He leaves the two be as Cecilia receives a message from Frederica from the grave. Giselbert recounts the time he tried persuading Frederica to run away with him. Cecilia and Lawrence rush over to Giselbert’s side. Cecilia tells him that Frederica wants him and Hazelita to live and move forward.

The episode concludes with a scene of Giselbert sharing an intimate moment with Frederica.

The Episode Review

For the most part, Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence has been a comfy series for folks to enjoy each week, especially if they’re watching it alongside the drama-fueled events occurring in My Happy Marriage thus far. However, the story takes an emotional turn this week by giving viewers more intel about Hazelita and Giselbert’s relationship with Lady Saint Frederica. Although a previous chapter delved into her demise briefly, this one delivers more information about her character that’ll get fans teary-eyed. 

This episode also indicates why it’s not right to judge a character by their first appearance in an anime. Last week’s cliffhanger made Giselbert look like a menace while this one shows that he’s a troubled fellow. Many folks will resonate with Giselbert’s sadness concerning his failure to lead Frederica away from her tragic fate.

The episode shares enough wholesome moments between that trio to make fans care about them. This will make viewers hope that Lawrence and Cecilia won’t end up undergoing a similar situation. 

Moreover, it was nice seeing Lawrence and Hazelita receive genuine development in this chapter. From Lawrence showcasing signs of affection toward Cecilia to Hazelita being more open with her friends, our characters are starting to shape into more rounded and authentic individuals. Hopefully, other cast members will receive similar treatment.

Overall, this was a great emotionally charged episode of Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence this week. I’m excited to see where things go from here. 

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