Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Cecilia’s Worries

Episode 7 of Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence begins with Hazelita stumbling upon Cecilia spying on Lawrence since she thinks he’s hiding a secret from her. Later, Abel and Hazelita join Cecilia in her spying shenanigans. Suddenly, the female fortune teller bumps into them and joins them in their spying antics. They follow him to a clothing shop and wonder what he’s doing there. The fortune teller notices Cecilia’s missing, causing Abel and Hazelita to panic.

Suddenly, Lawrence spots Abel and Hazelita and questions what they’re doing. Meanwhile, Cecilia wonders where she is after losing sight of Abel and Hazelita. The clothing shop owner’s son notices Cecilia and takes her to the clothing shop after she tells him she got separated from Lawrence. Lawrence tells Hazelita, the female fortune teller, and Abel that he’s become the shop owner’s (Rebecca) son’s (Eric’s) home tutor for a short while. They inform Lawrence that Cecilia’s been spying on him and got lost somewhere. Lawrence asks Rebecca where Eric is. Rebecca says Eric hasn’t returned from doing his deliveries yet. Lawrence tells Hazelita and Abel to wait at the shop. He leaves with the fortune teller to look for Cecilia.

Meanwhile, Eric tells Cecilia about Lawrence’s home tutor job and explains why he needs a home tutor. Cecilia wonders if Lawrence could teach her some things, and Eric questions her intellectual levels. Cecilia says many lady saints, like herself, never got to attend educational facilities. They arrive at the clothing shop and reunite with Lawrence and the others. Lawrence properly introduces Eric to everyone and reveals he told Cecilia about his home tutor position. However, Cecilia didn’t remember him doing so because she was half-asleep when he told her.

Abel and Hazelita leave after realizing it was all a misunderstanding. Eric asks Lawrence if they could continue his studies another time. Lawrence hands Eric a book and asks him to read it for next time. Eric returns to his room. Cecilia apologizes to Lawrence for spying on him. Lawrence tells Cecilia he’d never hide anything from her that would hurt her. This makes Cecilia upset, but Lawrence explains some things must be hidden. Later, a postal company drops a letter off at Lawrence’s place.

Cecilia and Hazelita notice Abel and Lawrence chatting about a letter that requests they attend a meeting. Abel explains pastors get together at regular intervals to hold meetings. However, Lawrence hasn’t attended any meetings because he claims he must look after Cecilia. Cecilia suggests Lawrence attend the meetings with her. Hazelita planned to watch over their home, but Abel claims she’s been asked to attend too. He says the meeting’s being held at his church. This happens to be where Hazelita’s family resides, so he believes Hazelita should visit them when she arrives there.

They arrive in the city with Eric. Eric says Rebecca wanted him to attend the trip to conduct business as her representative. Lawrence confirms he won’t address Cecilia as “Lady Saint” during the event to avoid problems. Hazelita teases him about it. He leaves with Abel to make it to the event on time. Lawrence and Abel arrive and meet their old acquaintances named Hein, Camilla, and Eurie. Hein tells Abel the senior pastors want to discuss things with him because he abandoned his duties. Meanwhile, he asks Lawrence to visit the meeting room with him.

Pastor Hugo pulls Lawrence aside. Lawrence explains Hugo was once his teacher and one of his grandfather’s friends. Huge tells Lawrence he heard a rumor that his church holds a lady saint. Lawrence promises him that his lady saint be treated with care. Hugo tells Lawrence to keep her identity a secret as this church brought great tragedy to another lady saint. Lawrence explains what happened between him and Hugo with Abel. They noticed Cecilia and the others arrived there. They all meet up with Hein, Camilla, and Eurie. Eurie and Camilla pull Cecilia aside after she asks for the mirror room’s location.

The girls lead her elsewhere and ask Cecilia to come clean about her relationship with Lawrence. Cecilia thinks she’s in a romantic bloodbath and doesn’t know how to respond. However, things turn in the opposite direction as the girls are excited that Lawrence might be having an affair with Cecilia. Before Eurie could bombard Cecilia with questions, a man orders her and Camilla to get back to work. Another man offers to watch over Cecilia in the meantime. The man tries putting the moves on Cecilia, but Lawrence arrives and stops him.

The episode closes with him introducing himself as Hazelita’s older brother, Giselbert Aldridge.

The Episode Review

After staying within the town’s domain for six episodes, we finally see our cast traveling to Hazelita’s home city. While our cast has traveled to a different location before, this was a nice change of pace and opened the door for new characters to get introduced and shine. From Pastor Huge to Giselbert, we have a new fine selection of characters to connect with in this series. 

As to what effect they’ll have on our protagonists begs to be seen though. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to learning more about their backstories and seeing how their personalities clash with our cast’s by the series’s conclusion. Character introductions and world-building aside, this chapter showcases some interesting developments in Lawrence and Cecilia’s relationship. 

The instances where Lawrence struggles to convey his words to Cecilia and calls her by her name come to mind. These moments will make fans speculate if the series is starting to lean toward him discovering his latent affection for her. At the same time, we gain a tidbit of intel about Cecilia’s youth and learn that she didn’t get to attend a fabulous educational facility during her youth. 

With all the new pastors we’ve met so far, it’d be intriguing if the series introduced a new lady saint for Cecilia to interact with. This could add more depth to the story, especially if this saint experienced a life that’s far from the life Cecilia’s had since meeting Lawrence.

Overall, this was a fun chapter of Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence. I can’t wait to see what these new characters bring to the table. 

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