Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Abel and Hazelita

Episode 6 of Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence begins with Cecilia assisting a cafe while Lawrence completes errands. Cecilia tells the customers she wants to help since it’ll help her understand her fellow citizens’ daily lives. She also wants Lawrence to see her working hard to receive praise from him. Lawrence enters the cafe and is shocked to see Cecilia working there. He questions if she broke something, but Cecilia ensures she’s helping the cafe owner since they’re short on staff.

After sharing a table with Mell to observe Cecilia, the cafe owner greets Lawrence. She tells Lawrence Cecilia brought in more customers and needs more assistance. Lawrence decides to help the cafe owner out, surprising Cecilia. After walking home from work, Lawrence tells Cecilia and Hazeltia he and Abel must visit the village for an important matter. He tasks Hazelita with watching Cecilia while they’re away. Cecilia uses this opportunity to get to know Hazelita more.

Hazelita encourages Cecilia to act more woman-like in hopes of helping her get Lawerence to think of her as a woman instead of a child. Hazelita reveals she’s persuading Cecilia to move forward with her romantic endeavors because she’s met many lady saints who put others’ happiness before their own. Cecilia tells Hazelita not to worry about her and asks about her connection with Abel. Meanwhile, a man bumps into Abel and Lawrence and thanks them for looking for his lost son.

Lawrence and Abel return home, and the girls greet them with banter and jokes. Thereafter, Abel dreams about his childhood after looking through photos. He remarks he could see things others couldn’t, resulting in his parents, friends, and others finding him creepy. After getting kicked out of his dorm, Abel found hope after meeting a certain person. Abel leaves his room and hands Cecilia the photos pertaining to Lawrence’s school days. Cecilia and Hazeltia look through the photos until Lawrence arrives.

They ask him why Abel looks expressionless in the photos. Lawrence recalls Abel being different from the man he is now because of the sad life he endured. Abel finds a letter in the mailbox while Lawrence informs the girls of his and Abel’s early beginnings. He recounts a moment in his past that led to him and Abel having a close connection. Abel arrives and hands Hazelita the letter, which happens to be from her older brother. Abel tells Hazelita to respond to him before he winds up heading here.

Hazelita writes a response and hands it to Abel. Before Abel departs to the village to send it, Cecilia stops him. Cecilia thanks him for meeting Lawrence. Abel tells Cecilia he’s glad she met him because now he can set his sights on someone else.

The episode closes with a funny gag pertaining to a young Lawrence and Abel.

The Episode Review

Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence deliver a heartwarming episode for fans to watch this week. It gives them splendid insight into Abel’s life and shows that he was different from the happy human being he is currently. While it would’ve been great if the episode leaned into his background more, it does a decent enough job to give fans reasons to appreciate Lawrence’s involvement in Abel’s life. 

Many viewers who’ve been shunned in their lives for being different will relate to Abel’s character. No one wants to endure a life filled with loneliness and this episode indicates how having the right person enter one’s life can make a significant change in the long-term. At the same time, it was great seeing Cecilia and Hazelita have alone time with each other. 

Hazelita may act as a stand-in for fans’, but her conversation with Cecilia shows fans she still has room to grow alongside the anime’s supporting cast. Overall, this was a fun chapter of Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence. While it doesn’t go too in-depth with the supporting cast, it gives fans enough content to hold them over. Hopefully, future episodes continue to explore our characters’ further. 

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