Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Season 4 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Night of The Returned

Episode 6 of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Season 4 starts with Sabrina looking at her mirror, wondering if Morningstar is okay. Nick gets out of bed and comforts her. We then cut to Ambrose telling Sabrina and Nick that the cosmos is still coming at them. There is a possibility that it may slow down and dissipate though. Sabrina wants to warn people but Ambrose wants to wait until they know more.

Lilith is still pretending that Adam is alive while Prudence tends to Agatha, who is still insane. At school, Harvey’s band comes to blows with another over rehearsal space and the two rivals decide to perform at a Battle Of The Bands.

That evening at the Spellman house, Zelda’s dog comes back from the dead. Mambo has a bad feeling and declares that the next terror is coming; the dead ones, the Returned. She warns that they will need to be faced but also that they are not as they seem and may not remember that they passed. Marie then leaves and meets with the terror’s avatar: Lazarus.

Meanwhile, Harvey finds his Father’s old electric guitar. As he starts playing, a heavy metal band called the Satanic Panic return from Hell. They decide to head into school to look for instruments and kill Harvey’s rival band.

Back in the Spellman house, Sabrina finds Zelda with her Edward, her father while Lilith hears Adam crying and Dorcas appears to Agatha. At the same time, Dr Cee is very excited as his mother has also returned and he introduces Hilda to her.

At school, Satanic Panic meets with Fright Club and tells Harvey to say hello to their old man. Harvey later learns from his father that he used to be in that band when he was in school. One day, a strange man(Lucifer) came to offer them a deal; kill a virgin in exchange for rising fame.

Harvey’s father was against it but the rest of the band went ahead and killed a virgin girl called Peggy Lou. After Harvey told her father who killed their daughter, the distraught man locked Satanic Panic in a shed and burned them alive.

All the returned start acting very strangely while Marie carries on her Sennet game with Lazarus. He explains that the Nazarene brought him back from the dead after 4 days but he kept the memories of what he saw while in Hell. He now wants to give pain and suffering to the people he brings back.

Sabrina decides to reveal the whole truth to Edward about who she is and what has been happening. He has trouble believing her and angrily reveals that her father is the devil as they made a deal with him. He then grabs a knife, ready to use it on her but is soon stopped by Zelda.

Dorcas remembers what happened and gets ready to do the same to Agatha. Thankfully, she is also stopped by Prudence. Hilda has to face Mrs Kosgrove but is helped by Dr Cee.

Lilith summons Caliban as she seeks his help to kill herself. She tells him about the spear of Longinus which pierced the Nazarene’s side when he was crucified.  He agrees to retrieve it as he also wants her dead.

The Battle Of The Bands has been cancelled after the bodies have been found but the Satanic Panic organises a new event in front of the gates of Hell. They have Harvey’s father so the group has no choice but to participate. They want to find the perfect song so they ask Sabrina to summon Robin.

Sabrina then visits Lucifer in Hell who tells her she is not his daughter and that if Satanic Panic wins, he will grant them the ability to unleash hellfire on Earth.

Caliban returns with the spear but just as she is about to kill herself, Zelda arrives to stop her. She reveals what is happening and that Mambo Marie needs to defeat the terror ally, Lazarus. At the mention of Lazarus name, Lilith seems very interested while Sabrina has an idea and speaks to Prudence and Nick about Satanic Panic and the battle.

At the gates of Hell, Lucifer introduces Satanic Panic who starts performing their hellish song while Sabrina, Prudence and Nick bring Peggy back. The Fright Club is up next and with the help of Robin, perform the Time Wrap. The song is a success as the audience dance the night away. Lucifer comes back to the stage to declare the winner but is interrupted by Sabrina arriving with her new band, The Dark Mothers and they start performing.

Lilith interrupts Mambo and Lazarus’s game and asks for a favour: to bring her baby back. He tells her if there is no body, he can’t help her. Just as Lazarus rolls the winning dice, Lilith stabs him with the Spear of Longinus. Mambo thanks Lilith as life and death will now triumph over the Returned. She also reveals that she will receive something in return.

Back in the gates of Hell, Peggy Lou comes back and hauntingly makes her way through the crowd. She sees Satanic Panic and, using hellfire, burns them and gains her revenge. Sabrina declares her band the winner and Lucifer goes back to hell calling her false daughter.

Mambo speaks to Zelda and tells her that when she leads the dead back to the grave, she has to stay with them. She reveals that her real name is not Mambo Marie but Baron Samedi, a Haitian Loa. So now it is time for her to return to the underworld and she promises that she will be there waiting for her. She gives Zelda a box to shake though if she needs her. Zelda feels betrayed and tells her she doesn’t think she will need her.

Prudence brings Mambo to Dorcas to help her move on. She then whispers something in Agatha’s ear before kissing her. After they leave, Prudence is surprised to see Agatha back to normal. She asks Prudence what has happened as she remembers Dorcas telling her she forgives her.

Harvey brings his Father home and thanks Nick for his help. Robin says goodbye to Theo who can’t help but asks him to stay, while Lilith hears a child calling her “Mama.”

Mambo takes the dead back to the ground and reveals her true appearance to Zelda. As a parting gift, she sends her dog back to her.

The Episode Review

This latest chapter of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina brings the return of some characters as well as some interesting twists. It brings closure for Agatha and Dorcas too as the latter is able to forgive her sister who is now back to her normal self.

Sabrina had quite the difficult challenge to face when her father tried to kill her while poor Zelda learned that Mambo was not who she she thought she was. I quite like the terror of this episode. The plot revelations helped move forward some of the characters’ storylines while evolving the interesting lore too.

This latest episode focused on the musical side of things and I must admit that the Battle Of The Bands was quite fun to watch, with some good numbers included.

With just two episodes to go, it remains to be seen if the series will end on a high note. For now though, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has delivered a pretty solid fourth season so far.

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