Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Season 4 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Rogue Cosmos

Episode 5 of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Season 4 begins in Baxter High as Sabrina and Roz receive requests from the students on how to improve the different departments at school. They are very surprised to see Nick there wearing a school jacket.

Sabrina confronts him so he tells her that he transferred because she’s been avoiding him and wants to be part of her world. She reminds him about how much he hurt her and admits she’s not ready for them to be together. Suddenly, they feel a huge earthquake and see that strange stalactites have appeared all over the school.

Meanwhile at the academy, Ambrose and Prudence try to get the truth out of Blackwood about the next terror. In Hell, Morningstar is not happy as too many souls are suffering for no reason. She decides to change the rules just as two of Baxter students materialize there. They are all confused about this occurrence so Sabrina zaps them back for now.

During the night, Theo hears someone laugh. He gets up and is spooked by a strange creature. Robin tells her that one of his friends, another Hobgoblin called Moth, is there. The latter quickly blows some dust in Theo’s face and sends him to sleep. Both Hobgoblins then escape into the night.

The next day, another earthquake brings a strange statue from Hell into the mortuary. In Hell however, the town sign appears there too. Prudence and Roz head in the night church and find Blackwood’s decomposed worshipped by the twins.

Marie summons Sabrina and Ambrose and shows them that the infernal realm is pushing into the mortal realm, which explains what has been happening. Ambrose believes that it is caused by both Sabrinas existing in the same reality. Sabrina then promises to come clean to her Aunts and sort this mess out.

As she heads to the academy, the cat is already out of the bag when she finds Morningstar, Lucifer and Caliban there. Both Aunts berate their niece about her behaviour and become even more frustrated when they learn that Ambrose also knew about it.

Robin speaks to Theo about Moth’s visit as the fay world knows that something bad is coming. The hobgoblins have been talking to Robin about going back and he asks her to come with them to the fay world.

Ambrose and Roz bring Blackwood his body and blackmail him with it. He tells them he doesn’t need it so they start stabbing it slowly. Elsewhere, everyone reconvenes at the academy to come up with a plan to stop the realms crashing with each other.

Nick has an idea as both realms attract each other like magnets so he thinks they should confuse them. Sabrina knows what to do, she wants to “parent trap” the realms. As they split up in each location and start their incantation, they quickly stop as Mambo sees that they are too embedded with each other.

Thins get even worse when it starts raining pearls, which means that heaven and the celestial realm is being dragged into it as well. An angel of the highest order called Metatron arrives with a solution to restore order: one Sabrina must die. The other solution is for both to merge into each other.

However, this would have consequences too as one could absorb the other and wipe their memories. Both Sabrinas retire and decide to merge but first, will spend their last day as themselves with their friends. Metatron agrees and gives them 6 hours.

Meanwhile, Hilda visits Lilith and her baby to let her know that Lucifer is there. Lilith decides to finally face him and gives her Adam to hide. Lucifer arrives in her room and confronts Lilith, demanding to know where her son is. She defies him but he claims that he will be taking his son back with him to hell.

Sabrina meets with Nick as she wants to tell him she misses him in case she is not herself after the merge. They sleep together while Morningstar plays hooky with Theo, Harvey and Roz. Eventually they get the band together to sing a song.

Moth materializes in front of Theo and tells him that Robin doesn’t belong with him but in the Fay world instead. The more he stays, the more powers he will lose.

Later in the evening, Theo tells Robin to go to the Fay realm and lies that he doesn’t want him there. Robin agrees to go but asks him to leave his window open as he promises to come back one day.

Nick and Caliban respectively say goodbye to the Sabrinas just before the merge gets underway. Metatron starts the ritual but is soon stopped by Ambrose. He claims that three new realms are approaching and crashing into them. The eldritch terrors have created a rogue cosmos.

They find out that the angel lied and knew about it and she finally admits that there is a 56 percent chance that the merge would be successful. The Aunties, Lucifer, Caliban and Ambrose go head to head with the Angel which ends with the latter having his head snapped.

Ambrose has an idea to send one of the Sabrinas to the rogue earth to stop the terrors from coming to their realm. Both Sabrinas then decide who goes by playing a game of rock, paper, scissors. Morningstar loses and says her goodbye to Caliban and Sabrina. She then leaves through a wormhole created by Nick and Ambrose.

Morningstar stumbles into the alternate earth and sees her aunties (the original Hilda and Zelda from Sabrina the Teenage Witch) while Lucifer goes back to Lilith to take his son. He notices the room is full of blood and asks her what she has done.

She tells him she free him but angrily retorts that he will not kill her. He wants her to suffer so he curses her with humanity. She will get old and get sick but will never die.

The episode ends with Sabrina looking outside her window at night with Nick and wishing on a shooting star that Morningstar and everyone remains safe.

The Episode Review

It was a really fun surprise to see the return of the original aunts as Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick reprise their roles for a cameo in this latest episode. It may be a fan service to have them back but it is quite the welcome one for any fans of the original Sabrina The Teenage Witch (me included). It would be fun to see more scenes with them and perhaps the original Salem too?

The scenes with both Sabrinas have been quite good too and Kiernan Shipka has done a great job playing both characters. Of course, the rest of the cast have done a decent job too.

It would be good to see a bit more on the sentinels and Roz’s newfound powers as this storyline feels a little sidelined now. With just 3 episodes left, I do hope the series will manage to wrap up each of its stories in a compelling way as there really isn’t a lot of time left now.

Sabrina and Nick seem to be back together as expected and poor Theo had to say goodbye to Robin.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina may not be perfect but it has remained consistent throughout and after four dark and fun seasons, it does feel like it is time for the series to cast its final spell.

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