Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Season 4 Episode 2 Recap & Review

An Unwelcomed Visitor

Episode 2 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 starts with a mother and daughter having dinner. A strange and filthy figure knocks on their door. He holds a sign reading “Cold, hungry and tired” asking to come in. The mother turns him away and walks back to her daughter. Only, the strange man is now behind her and rips her heart out before walking to the little girl.

Meanwhile, Sabrina is on her date with Carl. He walks her home but things are a little awkward. She then remembers she has her other date with Melvin and rushes to get ready for it. Afterwards, she heads back home and looks forward to telling Morningstar all about her dates.

The same strange man visits Harvey and Roz next. The latter quickly invites him in as she is getting a strange vibe, feeling that they can’t turn it away or something bad would happen. They give him something to eat and as he touches Roz’s hands, she has some dark and strange visions.

Back home, both Sabrinas talk about the dates and discuss their love life. Morningstar reveals that she feels Caliban might be the one and that they are getting married. Sabrina is surprised as they don’t know each other and, of course, he tried to kill them.

In the night church, Mrs Wardwell tells Faustus that Hilda is getting married. The beggar arrives in the night church and Faustus is excited to see him. He calls him the lonely one, the Uninvited: one of the Eldritch terrors. He invites him in and tells the girls to give him food as those who do not, will die.

In the morning, Roz finds Harvey asleep at his desk with drawings of what she saw in her visions. She is surprised but he doesn’t remember doing those. At the Spellman residence, the aunts argue about the upcoming wedding. Hilda receives a call from the coroner’s office as they are bringing more bodies.

Lilith arrives next to see if her aunts could talk Sabrina out of her wedding. Lilith quickly realizes that there are two Sabrinas and warns that it could create a time paradox. Sabrina admits that she is also not happy about the union and the two plan to do something about it.

Pretending to be Morningstar, Sabrina has Caliban meet her in the academy. She shows him around and her goddess Hecate who she now follows. They meet with Ambrose who explains that Hecate requires specific devotion from the men; they have to be castrated.

Caliban tells her that he wants to be with her but is not sure he is ready to give up his manhood. After Sabrina insists, he tells her he will have to think about it.

Nick and Melvin head to Doctor Cee to get the Incubus out of him with the help of Hecate. As they prepare to perform the ritual, the incubus leaves his body and rushes over into Theo while Harvey and Roz relay to the Spellman what happened  the night before.

Meanwhile, Ambrose notices that all five corpses had their heart removed when they were still alive. After performing a spell using their eyes, Ambrose learns that each saw the Uninvited. Sabrina brings Harvey and Roz to Ambrose with the pictures Harvey drew. Roz touches one of the corpses and sees that when the woman turned the beggar away, he killed them. Looking at the drawings, Ambrose realizes that Harvey drew each of the terrors. He warns that a war is coming and to brace themselves.

In the night church, Faustus tries speaking to the Uninvited, but to no avail. Mrs Wardwell notices that he doesn’t have a tongue so Faustus asks Agatha to bring him one.

In Hell, Caliban brings his sacrifice to Morningstar. The latter visits Sabrina to tell her she knows what she did but is not upset as she knows why she did it. She concludes that it proved that he is a good guy so she invites her to the wedding.

Back in the night church, Faustus asks the Uninvited to bless him in exchange for helping him get what he wants. The beggar does just that and asks which door he should knock on next. He sends her to Hilda’s wedding after cleaning and dressing him.

Ambrose prepares everyone for the Uninvited and hands pictures of him over. Unfortunately, he looks quite different now so Nick turns him away when he shows up.

The festivities get underway and, feeling lonely, Sabrina gets drunk. She later gives her speech about love but things quickly become awkward when she mentions both her exes and who they are now with. Zelda eventually stops and berates her for her behaviour.

The band then start playing but the incubus inside Theo quickly starts to manifest himself. Nick performs his spell and after jumping to a few bodies, ends up in the Uninvited who absorbs him. Everyone quickly realizes who he is and when Dorian tries to get him to leave, the vagrant takes his heart out.

The Uninvited raises his glass to tell his story. After being rejected, he found a seat at a table between the first Eldritch, Darkness and the third one, The Weird. He calls himself the Herald of the void and feeds on the hearts of the people who reject him.

Nick tries to save the day by offering himself but Sabrina stops him. She tells him that she has an invitation to Hell for a wedding and he could be her plus one.

In Hell, Lilith greets her and the Uninvited. Sabrina heads to see Morningstar to let her know who she brought. Satan arrives in the room and is surprised to find both of them there. Sabrina tells him about who she brought and asks for his help to kill him. Satan is not sure they can so the Sabrinas suggest trapping him.

As the wedding gets underway, Sabrina holds the Uninvited’s hand and confides that she feels very alone. She asks him to marry her as she knows he might feel just as alone. He agrees to it and they stop the ceremony.

Both Sabrinas then head to the altar and while Morningstar weds Caliban, Sabrina marries the Uninvited, kissing him to seal the deal. Sabrina then brings the Uninvited to the yellow dollhouse and quickly walks out. Satan, Morningstar, Lilith and Caliban then trap him in the house.

Afterwards, Satan forbids both Sabrinas from seeing each other, banishing one from ever coming back to Hell. Both Sabrinas say goodbye, hug each other and Sabrina takes the dollhouse back into the living world.

The Spellman’s return home and after Sabrina fills them in on what happened in Hell, Hilda tells them there is one more thing she would like to do. They perform a ceremony, dressed as famous monsters, while back in the night church Faustus declares that the next terror, The Weird, is fast approaching.

The episode ends with Sabrina talking to Salem about making her own happiness. She looks at her red candle and mutters to herself: “The best part of Nick and Harvey.”

The Episode Review

The second chapter brought, as expected, the second of the Eldritch Terrors in the form of a dark entity called the Uninvited. While not as menacing as the Darkness, it was still quite a creepy antagonist and one that left some damage behind by killing some innocents – and Dorian too by the looks of it.

More people are now aware of both Sabrinas co-existing. They may have said goodbye to each other but I have a feeling it is not the last time we’ll see Morningstar. Seeing both sides of what her life could be is quite a nice touch and I wonder how that story will develop.

This episode also brought another musical number and I must admit that their rendition of Queen’s “Radio Ga Ga” was actually quite decent and better than some other numbers we were presented with in the last season (looking at you Run DMC)

The lore and world of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina remains one of the strongest assets the series has to offer and this season brings some new additions to it too. We see Ambrose using different magical methods to discover how the victims have died. This definitely help makes this fantasy thriller worth checking out and a must watch for any fans of dark and magical dramas.

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  1. I agree. Or they could’ve made him a wife of clay like Callaban. Ugh. He just wanted love and acceptance. I was so sad whem he said “you broke my heart.” He was so awestruck and happy to have found someone to ease his loneliness.

  2. This episode was awful. The terror was a homeless man asking for help. They got rid of him by making him think he had been accepted as a rouse to trap him. That’s messed up. They could of had him dissolve by actually being accepted or something.

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