Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Season 4 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Darkness in Greendale

Episode 1 of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Season 4 begins with Faustus frantically writing and reciting a spell. He then declares that the eldritch terrors are finally upon them. We then view what appear to be dead miners making their way out of the mines and killing a homeless man.

The next day at Baxter high, Sabrina meets with Theo, Robin, Roz and Harvey and they discuss the man who died the night before. Roz hands a petition to Sabrina to sign but as she watches both couples kiss, she can’t help but feel like a third wheel.

Billy later asks Sabrina if she would want to go out with Carl. She is surprised but tells him that if he is really interested, he should ask him himself.

Ambrose sees one of the dead miners breaking a light while at the academy, Zelda rededicates the academy to the worship of Hecate. All the students give offerings and she explains that they will name a Mother, Maiden and Crone who will be the keeper of mysteries and arcane wisdom.

Zelda designates herself as the crone, the mother will be Hilda and the Maiden is surprisingly Prudence.

Melvin later corners Sabrina and asks her out. She tells him she is not ready at the moment and tells Ambrose that she wants to go to Hell. This sees her visit Sabrina Morningstar as she wants to see how she is getting on. Ambrose doesn’t think it is a good idea but Sabrina insists as she is not sure she chose the right realm.

Mrs Wardwell receives a visit from  Sister Julia, wife of reverend Lovecraft. She is going door to door to spread the news about the night church but Mrs Wardwell tells her she doesn’t need a church.

Sister Julia suggests that the night church might help give her comfort. Mars Wardwell eventually heads there and listens to Faustus talking about darkness and how they should embrace it.

Later on, Sabrina confides to her aunt Hilda about how she feels everyone has moved on without her. Hilda suggests using her power to give the Fright Club a reason to get back together.

After Billy sees a ghost at school ( created by Sabrina and Salem), Harvey and Roz gather the rest of the group and head to Sabrina for a fright club emergency meeting. They come up with a plan to get rid of the evil spirit, who turns out to be Bloody Mary.

At midnight, the foursome summon the spirit and work together to get rid of her. The gang is happy they defeated her and are looking forward to deal with other ghosts that come their way. On her way home, Sabrina sees one of the strange evil miners.

Back in the academy, Zelda also sees one of the evil Miners and orders it to reveal who he is. Suddenly, it speaks in a booming voice, telling Zelda that no one likes her. Hilda comes to help and both sisters get rid of it.

The next day, the Spellman’s discuss what happened. All four mention that they have also noticed miners in different places and come to the conclusion that there are more than one. Suddenly, Hilda gets a call as three vagrant bodies have been found.

At school, Roz confronts Sabrina as she knows she faked the whole thing. Sabrina comes clean and tells her she was scared she is losing all of them. Roz tells that she is feeling the same but also that they are all changing and that she doesn’t need an excuse to hang out.

Ambrose inspects the three dead bodies and realize they all died in the mines. He then heads to see Nick and Sabrina and the three decide to resurrect the corpses for a few minutes.

The corpse tells them that a spreading darkness, the first eldritch terrors, killed them. The three then come to the conclusion that they might be avatars of the darkness and that the mines will be their first place to check out.

Once there, they decide to come back later when they are more prepared as they feel too much despair and darkness.

Unfortunately, power goes out all over town which spells trouble for everyone as darkness can now escape from the mines. Sabrina, Nick, Ambrose and Prudence realize that they need a lot of power to beat the darkness. Sabrina decides to seek the help of Morningstar despite Ambrose’s protests.

We then cut to Hell where we see Sabrina Morningstar having a glamourous party, dancing away with Caliban. The two Sabrinas meet and they catch up. Sabrina mentions what is happening with the darkness and how she plans to invoke the unholy power of their birth right to defeat it.

Nick heads over to see Harvey and Roz and relays what is happening while Prudence does the same with the convent. Zelda is not too happy but eventually gathers all the witches from the convent to do a containment spell while Mrs Wardwell witnesses one of the avatars outside her house.

Robin and Theo manage to lure the miners to the old carnival where the rest of the fright club is waiting with Nick. They turn off all the lights and set fire to the tent the avatars step in.

Nick and the gang recite a spell while both versions of Sabrina and Ambrose head to the mines to destroy the darkness. Hell Sabrina goes in first and all three invoke a bright power to try banishing the Darkness.

Suddenly the same booming voice tries to distract Hell Sabrina by using her fear and anxiety against her. She loses focus and her eyes turn black.

Sabrina quickly goes in to help and finds Morningstar on the floor. She admits that she feels alone and is not really happy as a queen. Sabrina insists that they are each other and will always be loved. Both then invoke hellfire to banish the darkness.

Unfortunately, the darkness speak to both of them this time and they start losing focus again. Ambrose seeks the help of the convent. Both Sabrinas hear Zelda and the convent praying to Hecate, giving them hope. They then recite the same prayer which in turn make the light shine bright, defeating the darkness and the avatars.

The Sabrinas come back with a bright light bulb filled with the darkness. Ambrose congratulates them for trapping one of the eldritch terrors. Agatha speaks to Faustus about the darkness failing but he tells her that there are seven more terrors to come.

The next day at school, Sabrina asks Carl out to watch a movie and at the academy, she also asks Melvin out. As we cut to her room, we see both Sabrinas dancing and calling each other secret best friends.

The Episode Review

The first episode sets the scene quite well with what’s to come for this final season. With eight terrors, it looks like each episode will tackle a different one until we reach the series finale. Sabrina and her gang have definitely got their work cut out and I am looking forward to seeing what’s in store for them.

The show remains consistent in terms of storytelling and its interesting lore, with each season tackling a more powerful evil. After leaving a version of herself in hell, Sabrina decides to meet with Morningstar in this episode as she has been feeling lonely and left out.

However, this can only spell trouble for our protagonist and I am sure this will have some grave repercussions in one of the realms.

Chilling Adventures has had three strong seasons so far and whether this one follows suit remains to be seen. For now though, this first chapter is quite promising and should please fans of the show.

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