Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Season 3 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Chess Game & The Ice Cream Truck

Episode 2 of Season 3 starts with Sabrina talking to Lucifer and demanding to speak to Nick. He finally regains consciousness and she promises to get her father out of him soon. However, as she leaves she accidentally disrupts the circle of salt with her boot.

The next day, after Sabrina’s cheer-leading practice, Lilith appears and tells her she needs to start her training as Queen of Hell. The first task consists in dragging two souls to hell from two humans who have sold them to the devil. She heads to the first one, Robert Robertson, but at the last minute decides to send him to Heaven instead. An angry Lilith arrives and takes her to Hell where the three kings disapprove of her actions.

In Scotland, Ambrose and Prudence arrive in Loch Ness where they eventually track down Blackwood, who they found doing a ritual by the water. A strange water creature appears and gives him an egg before he calls out for his two sacrifices. Prudence rushes over and a fight ensues between the two. As Blackwood gets the upper-hand, Ambrose threatens to stab the egg. After mentioning the eldritch terrors, Prudence hits him with a rock.

Meanwhile, Zelda addresses the academy students as the new Directrix and leads them in prayer. Their words reach Lucifer who manages to unleash multiple beetles onto the academy, determined to get revenge on the coven. At the same time, Sabrina seeks the help from her trio of friends for the next soul which belongs to Jimmy Platt, the ice cream man. She’s also planning to use his body to transfer Lucifer into him after she takes his soul to hell.

Leaving her friends behind to collect the body, Sabrina heads to Jimmy’s truck. As she arrives, Jimmy tells her he is ready to give her his usual extension fee which involves killing a little girl and eating her heart. Sabrina is shocked by this revelation and tells him to get ready to come with her. Unfortunately, it turns out he’s kidnapped a little girl. After promising her friends she’ll find the missing girl, Sabrina heads to speak to Lucifer about the deal he made with Jimmy. Lucifer then warns her that she’ll lose her throne and that Caliban will reign over hell.

Sabrina and her friends continue investigating the missing girl, which leads them to the house of Lucy Anderson who has gone missing 3 days ago. Roz touches one of her pinwheels and with her calling, is able to see that Lucy is locked in a walk-in freezer.

Back in Scotland, Prudence and Ambrose argue about what to do with Blackwood. Prudence insists on killing him but the young boy and girl stop her, begging for her not to kill their father. It’s here we find out that they’re Blackwood’s babies who have grown up thanks to the higher magicks of time and space used by the warlock.

Back home, Sabrina and Roz cast a spell using the pinwheels to communicate with Lucy. This prompts Sabrina to teleport there, despite Roz’s protests. As she reaches the freezer, she is also greeted by Jimmy who has painted sigils on the wall, which stops Sabrina from teleporting back. Meanwhile, Zelda and Hilda suspect that the dark Lord is among them when other strange things begin happening. Zelda then sends the students to search the academy while Lillith frees Sabrina and berates her for not doing her job again.

At the rally, the cheerleaders start their routine while Sabrina uses a glamour to turn herself into a little boy to catch Jimmy and send him to hell. She then heads there with him and tells them that Hell needs to change as her father’s ways are broken. She returns home where her Aunts scold her for bringing Nick with Lucifer inside him from hell. Suddenly, Prudence and Ambrose return with Blackwood and his twins in tow.

Zelda and Sabrina decide to use Blackwood to transfer Lucifer into him while the twins are put under a living doll spell. We then see Blackwood talking to Lucifer in the netherealm about a bigger threat: the eldritch terrors who are older than the oldest gods.

The episode then ends with Nick coming back while Harvey and Roz spend a romantic time together in the back of his truck. The episode ends with Harvey hearing and seeing a carnival in the distance.

The second episode of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina concentrates on her new difficult task as Queen of Hell; to collect the souls of the humans who have made deals with the Devil. This plot was quite an interesting twist on morality as Sabrina is now made to perform the devil’s work. In empowering fashion, she make them her own though as she sends one to heaven and manages to save the little girl from someone who definitely deserves to go to hell.

A small gripe here comes from the rendition of “It’s Tricky” by DMC. While it was a fun cheerleading dance number, the song felt a little too over the top. Despite that, the episode itself is another strong one and the ending also shows us a new carnival in town, which certainly poses an intriguing notion going forward.

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