Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Season 2 Episode 9 – The Finale – Recap & Review


Highway To Hell

After 8 episodes of build-up, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina ends with a climactic season finale. Before we get there though, the episode begins with a flashback involving Lilith and the Dard Lord, showing just how they met.

With the action returning to present day following this segment, the Dark Lord assumes his original form, with the Gates of Hell imminently due to open. Preparing for his arrival, Nick and the Spellman family prepare, building defences against the Dark Lord around their house. Meanwhile, Theo, Roz and Harvey go back to the mines in a bid to find the Gates of Hell.

Disgruntled that the Dark Lord has chosen not to be by her side, Lilith eventually comes round to the idea when he tells her she will lead his army. Ordering her to find Sabrina, Lilith visits the Spellman’s where her true identity is revealed. As the witches reel over this new development, Sabrina comes face to face with the Dark Lord himself.

He wants her to open the Gates of Hell and sit by his side while they both rule over the new Hell on Earth. Explaining that he used Nick to get her on the right path, Sabrina finds out that plan went awry when Nick fell in love with her. Continuing the barrage of shocking plot developments, the Dark Lord reveals to her that he is infact her Father thanks to Sabrina’s parents who had trouble conceiving and went to the Dark Lord for help. 

Lusting the throne for herself, Lilith decides to betray Satan but not before Sabrina attempts a coo of her own, eventually leading to both of her Aunts on the cusp of being stabbed. With no choice but to open the Gates, Sabrina blows into Gabriel’s horn, bringing forth hell on Earth.

However, the trio of humans down in the mines band together to form a sigil which Roz saw in a vision earlier in the episode. For now, this holds the fiery world at bay while Father Blackwood prepares to run away. Before he does, he admits to Prudence that he’s poisoned everyone in the Coven while Hilda and Zelda scramble to save those left.

Intent on stopping Satan once and for all, Sabrina puts together a plan to trap the Dark Lord in the Acheron but it doesn’t hold him for long. Explaining they need a stronger prison, Nick decides to sacrifice himself to trap Satan for good and stop the coming apocalypse. Much to Sabrina’s dismay, Lilith takes Nick to the Gates of Hell while our teenager witch gives her the crown, allowing her to become Queen of Hell. As she takes Nick into Hell itself, Prudence and Ambrose team up to chase after Faustus while the real Mrs. Wardwell returns to Earth.

While everyone tries to adjust to what they’ve all witnessed, the episode ends with the four friends determined to rescue Nick from Hell.

As far as season finales go, Sabrina certainly delivers a really enjoyable, action packed episode. Although the season really peaked around the sixth episode, there’s enough here to make for an absorbing watch nonetheless. The finale certainly leaves many questions unanswered too and given the many shocking reveals in this episode alone, it’ll be interesting to see what direction Sabrina takes going forward.

For now though, Sabrina’s second season does just enough to keep you hanging on for more whilst delivering consistent character arcs for almost everyone in the show. Tonally, Sabrina’s finale is suitably dark too, abandoning some of the lighthearted writing early on and doubling down on the action. It works too and despite a rocky start, Sabrina finishes with a well-deserved bang.


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