Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Review


Double Trouble

After stealing the rib last episode, Mrs Wardwell talks to her new creation, telling him the reason for bringing him to life is to kill Sabrina. While he prepares for this task, Sabrina goes to see the Principal, intent on discussing the prophecy around her. She tells Wardwell about the mosaic and altar, eventually revealing she has new powers. She confirms Sabrina is the herald of hell, with a key role in bringing the apocalypse to Earth when the time is right.

In order to stop this from happening, she needs to get rid of her powers, leaving Sabrina reeling over what she’s been told. As Mary commands Adam to kill Sabrina, our teenage witch casts a mandrake spell in order to create a double that she will destroy which will in turn, release her powers for good. After failing the first time around, she succeeds a second time, with Sabrina’s doppelgänger promptly visiting all her friends, using magic to help them.

Meanwhile, the real Sabrina is attacked by monster Adam who’s stopped by Nick, who promptly removes the monster’s rib. As the two breathe a sigh of relief, Nick tells her about his research into prophecies. He’s found something about a half shadow girl who will bring the end of days by performing blasphemous versions of the miracles Jesus performed. Realizing that she’s the one whose fulfilling these prophecies, Sabrina goes to confront Wardwell over the dark path she’s leading the young witch down.

While Sabrina continues to dabble in magic, Father Blackwood declares to the Academy that the church of night is being replaced by the church of Judas. As he tells them his new rules, with a lot of them only applying to girls, the show reinforces the themes around sexism running throughout the season. Unhappy with these changes, Zelda pleads with the high council but unfortunately they’re on Faustus’ side.

Meanwhile, Sabrina’s double reveals herself to be quite the devious doppelgänger. It turns out she was trying to make duplicates of Sabrina’s friends as they all awake to find mandrakes next to them. As Sabrina rushes to confront her double, the two stare each other down in a showdown of epic proportions. Lightning quick, Sabrina kills her double, enacting the final perversion; a suicide that will complete the prophecy. As Nick comes to realize this through discussing the prophecy with Wardwell, the fate of the world hangs in the balance as the Dark Lord looks set to walk the Earth with Sabrina by his side.

While the prophecy looks set to cause chaos on Earth, Sabrina’s penultimate episode does feel a little overlong. With some good plot development and several decent action pieces dotted throughout the episode, it’s easy to overlook the fatigued episode length. Quite what will happen in Sabrina’s finale is anyone’s guess but one thing’s for sure – it looks set to be a dramatic one.


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