Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Knife For My Valentine

With Valentines Day fast approaching, the dual focus between Baxter High and the Academy continues. Unlike the traditional Valentines custom, the Academy celebrate Lupercalia. This ancient tradition consists of 3 rituals; the matching, courting and hunting.

As Harvey asks Roz to the dance, Sabrina and Nick grow closer together. On the night of the ritual, the prospective partners are told that the courting in the woods wil take place. This sees the couples spending the night alone in the woods under the moon. As a wolf howls ominously in the distance, they all decide to leave, but not before Nick asks to go to the Baxter High dance with Sabrina.

With the dance fast approaching, Sabrina and Nick kiss in the common room before being attacked by a werewolf. It turns out this wolf is actually his familiar that was banished years ago after becoming obsessed with him. The only way for them to be rid of the wolf is to kill her. After much deliberation, Nick returns to Sabrina from the woods with the heart of his familar, Amelia.

With the threat seemingly over, the hunt begins as part of the third ritual. With the witches dressed in red hoods and preparing to chase after their chosen warlocks, Sabrina encounters Nick’s familiar. The real Amelia. It turns out Nick didn’t kill her after all. As the familar approaches, looking set to pounce, Nick arrives and professes his love to Sabrina. Enraged, Amelia attacks Nick only to see Sabrina stab the wolf and end the ordeal once and for all.

As the teens reel over the dramatic events that have just transpired, back with Sabrina’s teen friends Roz loses her sight under mysterious circumstances, leaving the episode with more questions hanging over the series.

While the episode itself does have some good content, the three rituals do feel very reminsce of the challenges in the first episode. Still, the developing romances between both Harvey and Sabrina makes for a really interesting juxtaposition here while Mrs Wardwell continues to shine in her deliciously evil role as Principal. Although parts of this episode do feel like filler, for the most part, Sabrina continues to deliver with another enjoyable episode.


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