Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Wherefore Art Thou Sabrina?

Picking up where it left off from before, Sabrina returns to Mrs Wardwell’s conversation with the Dark Lord. Explaining to him that Three Kings came to attack Sabrina, the Dark Lord explains that he wants Sabrina to be his prophet on Earth which may have angered the demons. Determined to figure out whether Sabrina’s soul is good or evil, the two make a bet, with the Dark Lord convinced Sabrina has evil deep inside her.

Putting the wheels into motion, the Dark Lord visits Sabrina and commands her to steal a pack of chewing gum. As she discusses this with her Aunts, they warn that defying him can spell dire consequences if she doesn’t follow through with this.

As Sabrina deliberates over the words of her Aunts, both schools prepare to put on a play. At Baxter High, Harvey and Roz grow closer while Sabrina is the understudy to Dorcas at the Academy. Inflicting his will on her once again, the Dark Lord appears and tries to convince Sabrina into killing the girl which she refuses, vehemently.

Sporting a large cut across her back and witnessing her friends and family suffering, Mrs Wardwell tells Sabrina her defiance is causing ripples across her life. Realizing it could be linked to the spell she gave Susie/Theo at the basketball game, a further spell causes Billie to fall down the stairs and break his leg.

As Roz suddenly catches chicken pox and Billie is out of action after his accident, Harvey and Sabrina wind up partnered up together in the Romeo & Juliet play. This brings them closer together and as they end up kissing, she realizes this may well end badly and pushes him away.

Still reeling from the events at school, Sabrina returns home to find Salem dead on the floor. Confronting the Dark Lord about these occurances, he promises to undo all the wrongs if she burns down a building. That building being Baxter High. Deciding to follow through with his request, the Dark Lord stops her just as she strikes a match. Convinced she’s proven herself to him, he¬†undoes all the wrongs, including bringing Salem back to life.

On the eve of the play however, Dorcas catches chicken pox which throws Sabrina into the limelight as the main lead of the play. As Wardwell watches on, she realizes she’s lost her bet with the Dark Lord, Sabrina ends the episode finally stealing the pack of chewing gum.

The second episode certainly works better than the first here, progressing the story in a meaningful way and shining the spotlight on Sabrina’s wavering devotion to her old and new life. Whether Sabrina will embrace this going forward is still up for debate but for now, the second episode offers a much improved tone and pacing, teasing the Sabrina of old whilst toning down the agenda-driven writing for the time being.


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