Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: A Midwinter’s Tale Impressions

Here Comes Demon Claus, Here Comes Demon Claus

Following its successful reboot earlier this year, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina returns for a festive treat – a Christmas themed episode titled A Midwinter’s Tale. After the dramatic events that transpired at the end of last season, Sabrina is still feeling bad about what happened with Harvey while the Spellman household are hoping for a less eventful night. A Midwinter’s Tale is everything you’d expect from a Christmas special, reveling in that deliciously dark tone that made the first season so appealing and delivering a by-the-numbers festive treat for Sabrina fans.

What begins as a seemingly innocent dive into the holiday season quickly devolves into a sinister scheme involving demons, dark magic and a not-so-nice Santa Claus. Adding to this plot is Sabrina’s desire to speak to her Mother beyond the grave which opens up its own set of problems as the Spellman’s grapple with an infestation of ghouls. The episode itself follows a predictable pattern as Sabrina and the Spellman family work together to stop the demonic threat and get back to the festivities. While the episode itself does well to blend Christmas vibes with a darker tone, there really isn’t a whole lot that stands out from what we’ve seen before.

A Midwinter’s Tale does well to get you geared up for Christmas though and the episode itself is really well shot from start to finish. The usual Christmas songs and nods toward the more predictable elements of the holidays are all here, wrapped up in a blood-soaked bow as the demonic presence becomes more of a dominant force as the episode goes on. For Sabrina fans, this is more of what you’d expect from the teenage witch although the two separate stories at play make the episode feel more disjointed than it perhaps should be.

While the episode itself does nothing to quell the appetite of hungry fans ready for more Sabrina action, the end of the episode does give a lovely 40 second preview of the second part with a release date for good measure. It’s a lovely way to end the first part of the show and a sign of things to come going forward. Ultimately, A Midwinter’s Tale feels like a bit of a pit stop for Sabrina. There’s nothing particularly noteworthy or impressive on display but the episode does act as an interlude, a way to recharge the batteries before another deliciously dark slice of teenage drama in 2019.

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