Ruthless (2024) Ending Explained – What happens between Harry and Catia?

Plot Summary

Ruthless is centered around a high school wrestling coach named Harry whose daughter is raped and murdered at the beginning of the film. A young man named Johnny McCrory is convicted of the crime and sent to prison. However, the identity of the real perpetrator is revealed later in the story. 

Following the tragic loss of his daughter, Harry tries to move on with his life. However, his attempts at finding peace are disrupted when he meets a girl named Catia, who attends his wrestling class. When she goes missing, he tasks himself with finding her. In the process, he discovers the whereabouts of a human trafficking operation, where Catia and other girls are being held captive. 

In this ending explained article for Ruthless, we recap some of the plot elements and ask the question: What happens between Harry and Catia at the end of the film?

What happens to Catia?

Catia doesn’t have the best family situation. Her stepfather is abusive towards her and her mother blames her for his behaviour. She eventually leaves home, having decided she can no longer take the abuse. But when she’s sitting at a bus stop with no clear destination in mind, Harry comes along and encourages her to go back home. He then calls the police to tell them about her plight.

The police do nothing to help Catia so Harry decides to take the law into his own hands. He visits Catia’s home, breaks the arm of Tom, her stepfather, and warns him away from his stepdaughter. 

After Harry leaves, Tom gets in touch with a guy called Sergio, a recruiter for a human trafficking ring. He tells Sergio to take Catia away, which he does the next day when he abducts Catia when she is on her way to school.

Does Harry save Catia?

When Harry realizes Catia has gone missing, it doesn’t take him long to realize Tom is behind her disappearance. He pays him another visit and breaks more of his joints to get him to reveal Catia’s location.

Harry spills the beans about Sergio so it’s his house that Harry goes to next. After getting the information he needs from him, Harry heads to Las Vegas where an auction is being held to sell off girls to the highest bidder. One of these girls is Catia.

Harry pretends to be interested in buying Catia and takes part in the auction. However, he is outbid by somebody else. This doesn’t deter Harry, however. He threatens Dale, the head of the auction, and finds out where Catia and the other girls are being held. He also discovers more information about Johnny, the young man who apparently murdered his daughter. It turns out he was a recruiter for the trafficking ring, so there’s the possibility that Harry’s daughter was another victim of theirs. 

Harry heads to the girls’ location and frees them from the room in which they are being held. He then meets a guy called Rich, who admits that it was he and not Johnny who killed his daughter. 

A fight breaks out between Harry and Rich. But before Harry can exact brutal revenge on his daughter’s murderer, a police detective arrives and shoots Rich from behind. 

What happens between Harry and Catia?

With the girls now saved, Harry can continue on with his life, as can Catia. 

At the end of the movie, there is a brief scene in which Harry and Catia draw close to one another at a wrestling session. 

The scene might seem insignificant but it’s actually an important one. Catia had always wanted a decent father figure but her mother had never been able to find the right man. In Harry, it would appear that Catia has found the father figure she needed. 

In Catia, Harry found somebody to protect. He could no longer save his daughter but he did save Catia. It can be assumed that he sees her as a daughter figure, so he has also found somebody to fill the hole in his life. 


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