Run On – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

A Love Triangle?

We begin episode 6 of Run On with Seon-Gyeom waking up and getting dressed, ready to head out for his morning run… until he changes his mind and gets back into bed. Without purpose and no clear reason to run, he’s struggling to find the drive to carry on. That evening though, Woo-Sik rings to let him know that he’s okay and apologizes for not telling him the truth earlier.

Meanwhile, Assemblyman Ki continues to try and save face, especially after Seon-Gyeom’s articles have broken out. The athletics board scramble to try and do the same too, deliberating over whether to send the kids for military service or not. Eventually they decide a six month suspension for Seon-Gyeom.

When he finds out, Seon-Gyeom is not happy, believing he’s getting special attention. Instead, he decides to retire from the sport completely and walks away with his head held high.

Of course, Dan-A is none too happy either but takes out her frustrations on Mi-Joo, teasing her about a love triangle and matching herself up alongside Seon-Gyeom. Mi-Joo holds her own though, prompting a cheeky smile from Dan-A before she turns her attention to the paintings. She wants to buy more of Yeong-Hwa’s work but given he’s given the latest to the café for free, she’ll need to speak to him personally about selling up.

Seon-Gyeom appears as Mi-Joo takes off her headphones and begins eavesdropping on his conversation with Dan-A. When he mentions retiring from the sport, Seon-Gyeom confirms to Dan-A that she’s no longer his agent any more.

Knowing that Mi-Joo is watching, she grabs his hand (and then his face) to rile up the girl. It works too, as Mi-Joo stands up and immediately the two verbally spar, trading venomous retorts.

Dan-A eventually leaves, leading Mi-Joo to follow. Only, she’s caught out when Dan-A tells her she’s best suited to look after Seon-Gyeom now that he’s on his own. It seems like Dan-A was teasing her all along and has no intention of getting involved romantically with him.

Anyway, outside Seon-Gyeom helps out with posters being brought upstairs where Park May raises an eyebrow at him showing up with Mi-Joo. After teasing her about the guy appearing everywhere she does, Park May agrees to let him stay at theirs for a few days. He graciously refuses though and heads back to his cold, lavish hotel again.

In the morning, he’s invited to coach the team after the new articles have broken out. While he refuses, he does agree to help her out and find a suitable teacher, that being Ms Bang who’s currently secluded and living a quiet life. Before leaving to visit her, he runs into Mi-Joo and decides to take up her offer of staying at her place. Only… it turns out the “room” he’s staying in is actually the living room.

That night, Seon-Gyeom struggles to sleep but Mi-Joo too has trouble concentrating. In fact, while writing subtitles about Seon-Gyeom, we cut to a hilarious skit involving Park May, Mi-Joo and Seon-Gyeom in the midst of drinking. Mi-Joo finally snaps out of it but clearly she can’t stop thinking about him.

With wildly different routines, Seon-Gyeom heads out for a run and begins cooking when he gets back. Seon-Gyeom is taken aback by her eating habits though, especially when she pours cereal into a mug. Followed by a litany of vitamin supplements.

Afterwards, Seon-Gyeom heads out on a patrol and eventually drives Park May home. She tells him there’s no need to worry about a love triangle given she’s asexual.

Dan-A returns home and the two kids get into a fight again over paintings. Dan-A however, promises to bring as good one back. That, of course, being Yeong-Hwa’s beauty hung up in the café.

Anyway, out and about Yeong-Hwa and Seon-Gyeom finally meet each other and strike up a connection. In fact, they touch fingers together like ET in a hilarious segment. With Yeong-Hwa addressing him like a brother, the two look set to begin a bubbling bromance in the future.

Back home, Mi-Joo shows Seon-Gyeom, her incredible schedule, including a meticulous timeline of events. Seon-Gyeom grabs her pen though and adds in moments to eat.

In fact, Mi-Joo also decides to head out for a run with Seon-Gyeom, believing it to be a fun exercise. Given it’s her first time then he tries to encourage her to move her arms rhythmically while running and how to keep a steady pace.

While Lee Yeong-Hwa heads in to see Dan-A, Tae-Woong does his research and follows the guy on social media. Dan-A tries to buy Yeong-Hwa’s painting, even offering to have it featured in an art museum. Eventually he agrees to this and heads off, but not before leaving some honey for her to try from his parents’ business.

Meanwhile, Mi-Joo and Seon-Gyeom hit the road but the latter struggles to find Ms Bang’s property. While Mi-Joo enjoys a treat from the local mart, Seon-Gyeom continues on to try and find her. Eventually she rocks up in a small tractor… with Mi-Joo hitching a ride in the back!

They agree to join her for food but unfortunately Mi-Joo winds up blind drunk again and makes a complete fool of herself. It’s pretty funny in truth but Ms Bang is not happy and tells them to leave.

As Seon-Gyeom puts Mi-Joo in the back of his car, she holds his hand and tells him not to go. Mi-Joo admits she wants to see more of him and asks him to like her. “I already do.” He says back, as Mi0-Joo is clearly too drunk to remember this interaction.

The Episode Review

What a great episode. Run On has been one of those under-rated dramas that sort of just creeps up on you but remains consistently enjoyable from start to finish. While some dramas tend to fade away after the first couple of weeks, Run On is one of those lovely, bubbling rom-coms that continues to deliver impressive and solid drama.

The chemistry between the two leads is really good and here we see more of them growing closer together and understanding what makes the other tick. Both Seon-Gyeom and Mi-Joo really ignite this show and deliver a compelling match-up that’s sure to keep this drama enjoyable over the weeks.

That’s to say nothing of Dan-A either who’s perfectly matched with Lee Yeong-Hwa. He’s clearly not intimidated by her in the slightest. All of this combines to make for a really enjoyable drama that bows out 2020 on a high note!

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  1. Run on is such a great drama so far! Thank you for your great recap. Does anyone know the song at the end of ep 6?

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