Run On – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Damage Control

Episode 4 of Run-On begins right where we left off as Seon-Gyeom admits to assaulting his juniors and calls on Mi-Joo to translate his words. She does too, and as they walk away Congressman Ki and Dan-A are both put in an awkward position. So much so that Dan-A even tasks her associate with dumping water on the reporters to fry their electronics. Unfortunately things are made worse when the media begin to assume Woo-Sik’s injuries were actually caused by Seon-Gyeom.

Backstage, Ki shows up but Seon-Gyeom has more than enough ammo to use against him. He hits back at his Father’s scolding, telling him he never cared about his own son, bringing up Ki’s disappointment when Seon-Gyeom’s shoulder was injured. Ki’s first thought was how his javelin career was over.

Seon-Gyeom eventually leaves and takes Mi-Joo with him. Ki turns his attention to the coach and his boys though, telling them he’s keeping an eye on them from here on out.

Backstage, Woo-Sik is coerced to follow an English reporter but with no translator, he’s in a tough spot. However, Dan-A manages to keep him isolated and away from prying eyes and ears for now. She liaises with them herself and gathers all the reporters to concoct the real story surrounding what happened. A story that involves Woo-Sik being the victim in all this.

Seon-Gyeom and Mi-Joo arrive on Jeju Island and wind up sharing lunch together. There, they discuss running in everyday life rather than on the track – with specific mention of Seon-Gyeom running toward her on a date.

When they get back, Ki tries to pay off Mi-Joo with plane tickets. She refuses though, despite taking the initial bribe, and tells Ki’s secretary that her job isn’t done yet. Shrugging his shoulders, he leaves after completing his task, while Mi-Joo does her best not to let th scandalous articles online about Seon-Gyeom’s situation bother her.

Dan-A briefs Seon-Gyeom on what to expect from the media as they prepare for a wave of questions to come. Just before they head out to greet them, Seon-Gyeom tells Mi-Joo to miss out the part about him assaulting the boys to help Woo-Sik. Worried about Assemblyman Ki, he’s apparently doing this to make sure she’s not hurt. Mi-Joo however is having none of it and tells him they need to reveal the truth and doesn’t care about the repercussions; the truth needs to come out.

The interviews go ahead and Mi-Joo translates Woo-Sik’s words exactly as he says them. Afterwards, Woo-Sik promises to buy her a meal one day as a thank you. With the interview done, Seon-Gyeom catches up with her and offers to drive her to the airport. She refuses but does tell him she likes him.

While Seon-Gyeom cracks on with his photoshoot, Mi-Joo heads home. Lee Yeong-Hwa meanwhile, shows up at the Academy and sees a ring at the bottom of the swimming pool. Unfortunately Dan-A startles him and he falls head-first in the water. Woops!

Dan-A helps him out but really she’s only doing so to get her jewelry back. She’s having absolutely none of his cheesy one-liners or flirting either, instead tasking him with painting her a picture. He does his best to thaw that icy heart and he manages to chip away at it just a teensy bit before leaving.

Seon-Gyeom meanwhile finally says goodbye to the track, admitting to himself that he only originally started running to run from Assemblyman Ki. Now that his Father is heavily invested in the progress of his son, Seon-Gyeom has seemingly lost his motivation.

Mi-Joo returns to Dan-A and receives a pretty frosty reception. That is only made worse when Mi-Joo learns that Seon-Gyeom likes her…but originally liked Dan-A too which just makes things awkward. Mi-Joo holds her own against the Ice Queen this time and eventually leaves. As she does, Dan-A comments that Mi-Joo is pretty smart.

When Mi-Joo shows up at Seon-Gyeom’s hotel room, he calls her out immediately for being paid by his Father. She admits to taking the money as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Run-On returns with an episode that dives into the aftermath following Seon-Gyeom’s confession to the press. With Dan-A and Assemblyman Ki jumping through hoops to save face, it really shows how far these men and women will go to secure a squeaky-clean reputation.

Mi-Joo is caught in the middle of this messy family feud and it’s only made worse after she accepted the bribe money from Ki. With no secrets between Seon-Gyeom and Mi-Joo now though, this episode lays the foundation for an intriguing couple of episodes ahead.

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