Run On – K-Drama Episode 1 Recap & Review


We begin episode 1 of Run-On with a similar split-screen montage to Start-Up as our two lead characters prepare for the Annam International Film Festival. Mi-Joo excitedly runs through the crowds to catch a glimpse of these famous people, including Ji-Woo and her son Seon-Gyeom.

Ji-Woo speaks to an interviewer about her new upcoming project. As she talks, Ji-Woo catches a glimpse of an excited, hyperactive Mi-Joo outside and it seems like she’s a super fan. She even writes a note on her phone complimenting the woman’s skin.

Seon-Gyeom eventually meets his friends outside and together they get tickets to see Gone Is The Night. Among those in attendance is Park Mae-Yi who takes out her phone and takes a picture just as the film finishes. It turns out Mi-Joo’s job is actually to do the subtitle translation for movies. As fate would have it, it turns out her ex boyfriend is Director Han.

At dinner that night Mi-Joo does her best to grin and bear the lavish praise heaped on Director Han. When the Professor winds up drunk, he splashes Mi-Joo when she refuses his suggestion of moving to another bar.

Mi-Joo lays into the Professor for his comments about her pretty face and bites back some well written dialogue about female empowerment. As things escalate, the Professor eventually loses his wig.

On her way home, Mi-Joo bumps into Seon-Gyeom who watches as Han chases after Mi-Joo. He grabs her wrist and tries to take her home but Mi-Joo is having none of it.

Given Mi-Joo’s lighter is in the shape of a gun, Seon-Gyeom holds it up to Han’s face and threatens to fire. Only, fireworks in the distance completely catch him off-guard, allowing Mi-Joo time to escape.

The next day, Seon-Gyeom continues to practice track and field, as it turns out his friends are all on the team too. There’s no love lost between him and Young-Il though, and as we soon see, there’s trouble in paradise.

The rookie, Woo-Sik, sports bruises all over his body where the other boys have beaten him. Seon-Gyeom tells him to take photos and get a doctor’s note too.

Meanwhile, Mi-Joo heads off to find Professor Hwang in a bid to give him back his wig. Hwang is obviously not happy about what’s happened and even takes her interpreting gig away to spite her.

On the back of this, Mi-Joo recruits her friend Mae-Yi to help, as she pleads one more time to the Professor.

He instead rings Assemblyman Ki, throwing a lifeline to Mi-Joo in the form of interpreting Seon-Gyeom while he’s doing track.

Meanwhile, Dan-A happens to be the CEO of a sports agency. After swimming that night, she rings Dong Kyung who happens to be in the car with Seon-Gyeom’s sister, Eun-Bil. As they drive, Dan-A finds out about interpreting gig, something she’s none too happy about given Seon-Gyeom is her client.

Out in the street, Mi-Joo tries to buy a new gun but the man runs off with the goods and the money. Mi-Joo tries to chase until she passes Seon-Gyeom on the way. He grabs his friend’s bag and shows off his skills, throwing it at the man’s head and knocking him out.

While Mi-Jo berates the passed out thief on the floor, she realizes that Seon-Gyeom was the one who threw the bag.

As police rush to the scene, they see Mi-Joo with the gun and force her into the station to fill out a report. Seon-Gyeom’s there too and the two engage in some witty banter as they get their wires crossed over what they’re both saying.

Afterwards, Mi-Joo asks for Seun-Gyeom’s number to invite him out to eat at some point in the future. After referring to him as John Wick, Seon-Gyeon begins researching who this is online.

Mi-Joo meanwhile shows up at the sports centre the next day, ready for her new job. Only, Dan-A shows up and mentions how she owns the athlete she’s about to be interpreting for.

Dan-A is incredibly icy toward her and even threatens to fire the girl from her job unless she gets down on her knees and begs. Mi-Joo is insistent though and eventually she’s allowed to carry on. Dan-A simply laughs this off as Seon-Gyeom shows up. The two formally introduce themselves, with Seon-Gyeom shooting a finger gun her way; a cheesy reference to what they’ve been through in the past.

The Episode Review

So far Run On gets off to a good start and alongside True Beauty, looks to be another comedic mid-week slice of Korean drama. The characters are pretty good and there’s certainly some intrigue with the trio of main characters we’ve met so far.

Seon-Gyeom and Mi-Joo have some good bits of dialogue together too, including the moments in the police station. In fact, both of these characters have great chemistry together and I’m sure we’ll see them open up over time.

The various different chance encounters are a little cliché and the cheesy dialogue at times does feel like a blast from the past but it doesn’t take anything away from this colourful drama.

Shin Se-Kyung was great in Rookie Historian and it’s god to see her channeling that same charm and charisma for this drama as well. That’s to take nothing away from Im Si-Wan either, who plays a completely different character to his previous role in Strangers From Hell, much to the benefit of this show.

So far so good, Run On leaves the door wide open for what should be a really engaging and enjoyable series.

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  1. Horrible movie. Extremely slow paced. I watched all 16 episodes and never got anything out of it. I kept watching hoping things would get interesting. I have watch many K-dramas but this is the absolute worst. Not worth spending your time. There is absolutely no romance in it. The leading couple are more like in a friendship kind of relationship. They kissed once during the entire series and that wasn’t even what I would call a kiss. Never understood the relationship. What was the purpose of this movie. It was all about running–that is it. Very boring.

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