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The Painting

Episode 15 of Run On begins at the finish line of the race as Mi-Joo struggles to catch her breath. However, she touches fingers with Seon-Gyeom and admits that she’s glad she waited for him. Eventually they sit together and eat, where Seon-Gyeom reveals what’s going on with his Father as they deliberate over whether just to go over and apologize to smooth things out.

Seon-Gyeom is not okay with this though, prompting them to change the subject over to Woo-Sik. His running is going well but he needs to wait for next Spring before entering a race. Things are definitely looking good for him. As they talk, Mi-Joo finally understands that Seon-Gyeom lives his life by taking one step in front of the other, taking things as they come while he competes.

Dan-A drops off Yeong-Hwa at his place. Mr Jeong lends his support to her woes though, telling her not to think about the end as she’s only just started with Yeong-Hwa. Well, things take a turn for the awkward when Dan-A learns about the marriage proposal back at Dann Agency.

Together, they decide all this marriage business is really to do with his Father gaining Chairman Seo’s support. If they play stupid for now, they suggest bailing at the last second.

Mi-Joo refuses to take Dan-A’s snidey comments though and eventually heads back to confront her after the meeting. Mi-Joo asks outright why she’s acting like Seon-Gyeon had feelings for her. Dan-A explains that he chose her agency rather than any other and that’s what swayed her decision to think this. Mi-Joo eventually leaves but not before telling Dan-A not to call him late at night any more.

Meanwhile, the truth about Yeong-Hwa’s friend Ye-Jun comes out. He’s gay, and tries to break the news to his Mother but it’s less than ideal circumstances. Dong Kyung refuses to hear him out and drives away. Thankfully, Ye-Chan is on-hand to give Ye-Jun some encouraging words to make him feel better.

That evening, Yeong-Hwa wants to cook pork belly but needs a gas stove to do that. This prompts Seon-Gyeom to ring Mi-Joo, who heads over to Yeong-Hwa’s apartment. As Yeong-Hwa rings Dan-A telling her she’s done with his painting (he’s not, he’s “almost” done, he just chose to omit that) he eventually heads out with Seon-Gyeom to get some shopping.

Back home, Dan-A shows up and realizes Yeong-Hwa has lied, prompting her to contemplate throwing him over the edge. Well, Seon-Gtyeom and Mi-Joo are all for it, especially after he lied to her, before Dan-A reluctantly agrees to join them at the table.

A hilarious, vibrant dialogue ensues between the four before they head outside and see May in the playground. She’s there on a date with Ji-Hyun Jeong of all people, and awkwardness immediately ensues.

As we cut back in time, we see Mr Jeong falling for May; it was love at first sight. He handed her his business card and the rest, as they say, is history. Dan-A is clearly taken aback by this but agrees to give Jeong his weekend and not ring him from now on.

After this incident, Yeong-Hwa hands over a birthday present for Dan-A, which happens to be new shoes. After, they discuss their future as Yeong-Hwa admits he’s going to keep his distance so he can always see her. It’s a really sweet moment, one that sees Dan-A finally lower her defences and let herself feel something for this man.

Back at the office, Mi-Joo shows up without make-up to greet her idol, Ji-Woo. She’s giggly, and more than a little giddy, especially when Ji-Woo signs a piece of paper for her. Mi-Joo also breaks the news about Seon-Gyeom being an agent too.

After staying up all night and working on Code Name Candy, Mi-Joo staggers out of her room and greets May at the table. There, May shows her the scandal surrounding Eun-Bi and Assemblyman No which has taken the internet by storm.

Of course, Eun-Bi works at the agency Jeong is working for and even worse, Ki’s words about Seon-gyeom ruining his sister seems to be coming back to haunt her now.

With news running rampant across the agency, Seon-Gyeom shows up with his resume that he’s been working on. Dong Kyung is stressed though, between the issues with Seon-Gyeom’s sister and her own son’s sexuality, but she takes the envelope and hopes to see him in an interview soon.

Back home, Eun-Bi shows up at Mi-Joo’s as she and Seon-Gyeom listen to her story. She also explains the situation to her Father afterwards too, who encourages her to be patient. Dan-A is next, who finds Eun-Bi out on the golf course practicing.

Well, Dan-A joins in for a few rounds too and after speaking to her, Yeong-Hwa messages to inform he’s finished her painting now – for real this time.

Dan-A shows up to view the painting and immediately marvels at the portrait. It’s a marvelously noisy explosion of colour, contrasting the beautiful image of Dan-A’s face on the other side. She smiles, claiming the painting reflects Yeong-Hwa’s own feelings. And just like that, Yeong-Hwa admits that he loves her.

However, their happy moment is interrupted by a devastating call from Mr Jeong that sees Dan-A rush out his apartment. He asks her to call but she pulls away and drives off, leaving him to watch her go.

The Episode Review

What a cliffhanger to end things on ready for tomorrow’s finale! So what do you guys think happened during that call? I think it’s safe to assume that this is either to do with her Father (hence Dan-A’s “not all children mourn their parents” line) or Tae-Woong’s illness. Either way, it looks like we’re in for some heartbreak in the upcoming finale.

So far Run On has been a very consistent, very well written slice of life drama. Unlike Record Of Youth which took elements of this drama and the most mundane parts of Reply 1988, Run On has managed to tie in its ideas about purpose and love with an intriguing ensemble of characters who live out their lives as best they can.

And what about that playground scene with May and Mr Jeong? That has got to be up there with one of the funniest moments from this drama, perfectly capturing the joyous dialogue and clever interactions this show has done so well with.

Everything rests on the finale now though and from the lack of a preview for this, I think it’s fair to say it’s going to be quite the dramatic affair! Roll on tomorrow!

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  1. I think the father is about to die. He said he will live long enough to see her married. So if he’s about to die then her getting married has to be pushed up. Where originally she and Ki Seon were going to call it off, she may now be inclined to want to go through with it since it’s her father’s dying wish. Hence the “not all children are loved unconditionally” line. Just my theory.

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