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We begin episode 10 of Run On with Yeong-Hwa losing his temper and berating Dan-A. Only, she turns around and calls him a peasant, going on to blast him with icy rhetoric’s. She admits she’d rather see him fail than someone else take his paintings.

Yeong-Hwa signs, telling Dan-A all he wanted was to talk to her about paintings. “Ms Seo, you’re the worst.”

In reply, Dan-A simply tell him this was just a business transaction and nothing more. It’s his fault he got too invested in this. And with that, she walks away. Outside she immediately rings Jeong and demands to have another artist hired asap.

Things go from bad to worse for Yeong-Hwa as he finds out he’s late paying rent. Given he gave Dan-A 500,000 won he struggles to swallow his pride and ask for the money back. Instead, he heads online and tells Myung-Su, Tae-Woong’s manager, to relay the message on to stop Tae-Woong from following him on social media. As it turns out, Yeong-Hwa actually took a picture of Dan-A which is why he’s getting social media attention.

Yeong-Hwa invites Seon-Gyeom up to the rooftop of his place and admires the night view. He tells him it’s his last month and bemoans the lack of funds he has. This, of course, is a guilt-trip ploy to convince Seon-Gyeom to cough up the funds for his rent. Well, it seems to work as Seon-Gyeom immediately agrees and asks for his account details. In exchange, he’s going to stay with him for the time being.

Meanwhile, Mi-Joo continues to mope around the house wondering about her job. She tells May she’d kill for a horror movie. “Even if it was written by Aaron Sorkin?” For those unaware, Sorkin’s films are notorious for overlapping dialogue and monologues.

Anyway, Mi-Joo is really hung up about Seon-Gyeom and wishes she’d admitted how she felt to him back at the hotel. Well, May encourages her to head out and talk to the guy, laying it out on the line and admitting exactly how she feels.

As she sits opposite May prepping food, Mi-Joo goes through a number of different scenarios in her head over how she’ll break the news. Eventually, she plucks up the courage to ring and asks Seon-Gyeom to give back the jar of honey. She doesn’t divulge when though so instead, sends a text with exact details.

Meanwhile, slimy Assemblyman Ki meets Chairman Seo in a comic book store. The former does his best to get into the books, a ploy to try and bring their families together buy matching up Seon-Gyeom with Dan-A.

Speaking of which, Dan-A and Seon-Gyeom talk at the former’s agency, discussing Woo-Sik and his future in running. Seon-Gyeom tries to convince her to sponsor Woo-Sik, but Dan-A wants him to run marathons instead given it’ll give extra time for her Agency to be featured on his clothes.

Eventually the fateful meeting arrives and Seon-Gyeom and Mi-Joo greet each other at the park. As fate would have it, it’s Seon-Gyeom, not Mi-Joo, who opens up about how he feels. He asks her not to hate him and apologizes. Eventually she leans forward and kisses him tenderly.

They come to an agreement and Seon-Gyeom promises to do his best not to reduce her to a One Month girlfriend. He even tries to hold her hand on the way home too.

She’s not that far along yet though so instead the duo discuss their careers. In particular, they talk about their passion and how that can be tied with working. Mi-Joo admits that the moment he decided not to run was like a scene out of a movie.

It’s here Mi-Joo learns that Seon-Gyeom is living nearby, at Yeong-Hwa’s house to be precise. As they awkwardly say goodbye, their interactions are incredibly cute. Mi-Joo shyly tells him to text goodnight and hurries off.

Back at Dann Academy, Ki Eun-Bi berates Mi-Joo for her coldness and claims that she’s going to retire soon. Dan-A is not happy but Ki Eun-Bi agrees to be Seon-Gyeom’s shield for a bit longer. At least for now. It’s clear Dan-A is struggling to get Yeong-Hwa out of her mind and heads over to Mi-Joo’s place.

Mi-Joo is not happy to see her and initially shuts the door in her face. Begrudgingly though, kind-hearted Mi-Joo invites her in and the pair begin drinking together. Finally the truth comes out and she begins talking about the painting and how obsessed she is with Yeong-Hwa. Only, she doesn’t get much further as she passes out on the table.

In the morning, a hungover Dan-A returns home where it’s quiet and sits with her Father eating soup. He admits to being worried about her and tells his daughter to take care of herself. Well, at work Mr Jeong is tasked with bringing the honey back to Yeong-Hwa, which he does and wants Yeong-Hwa to delete Dan-A’s number. He does just that and eventually walks away.

Woo-Sik makes his decision and terminates his contract with the coach. He doesn’t have to pay a penalty but also doesn’t want to be swayed by Seon-Gyeom either.

Woo-Sik has already made his decision and taken his Grandma’s advice to become a civil servant. He admits to Seon-Gyeom that he’s hurting inside, as well as outside, and begins weeping. He’s sure he won’t be able to continue but Seon-Gyeom decides to help Woo-Sik and coach him back to running again. If he can’t make it as a runner, then he can give up.

The Episode Review

Run On returns this week with another good episode, this time focusing on Seon-Gyeom and Mi-Joo getting together in a relationship and Dan-A starting (just starting, mind you) to reflect on her own behaviour.

She’s clearly hung up on Yeong-Hwa and can’t keep her mind off him but is struggling to comprehend why. The bulk of this chapter is actually taken up with these two as well, with Yeong-Hwa and Dan-A going their separate ways. Of course, in true kdrama fashion they’ll inevitably cross paths sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, it seems like Seon-Gyeom may be getting into the coaching game and helping Woo-Sik to get back on his feet and give running a go again. He seems to be the only one too, as everyone else focuses on getting Woo-Sik back to full strength and into being a civil servant.

In fact, this internal conflict is reflected with Mi-Joo too, especially when she discusses the pros and cons of her translating job. It can be difficult to follow your dreams and when you land that special role, even then it can come with its own pitfalls.

The crackling chemistry between Seon-Gyeom and Mi-Joo is really the glue that keeps everything together here and both these characters are great to watch. This is definitely one drama that’s well worth sticking with.

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  1. I really like this drama and am enjoying the chemistry between the leads. Nuanced performances and the characters are developing nicely.. Im Glad their romance is moving forward.

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