Run – Season 1 Episode 7 (The Finale) Recap & Review

Running Off A Cliff

What is the point of this show? Run has meandered along its rickety train tracks for the past 6 weeks, showing us that Billy and Ruby are willing to leave destruction in their wake to be together. From ignoring her husband’s messages to Fiona meeting a grisly demise, all of these plot points are thrown away with no repercussions for our characters in a rushed and underwhelming finale that does little to end this show on a high.

The season 1 finale of Run begins with Billy and Ruby hitching a ride on a truck before making it on the train. “I want to run with you forever,” Ruby tells him and as they learn the train worker believes they were in the carriage the whole time, they get busy.

Afterwards they discuss Ruby’s future and her choice. Billy makes it for her though and after telling her he loves her, understands that she’s going to go back to Laurence and won’t interfere. Instead, Ruby’s decided she’s going to break up with her husband.

Officer Cloud meanwhile sleeps with Laurel and in the morning tackles Daniel to the ground outside. Unfortunately the inept officer can’t cuff her so instead, ends up arresting Laurel. Only, she clearly doesn’t know what she’s doing and instead relies on Laurel to talk to Chris on the radio, where they learn the hikers are on the run. She then formulates a plan, which involves stopping the train and heading on alone to find Ruby and Billy.

Back on the train, Ruby watches the video message of Billy staging his “run” text, his pitch for his new book, before receiving a voicemail from Laurence about the police calling him. The train stops at the station and Billy hurries off alone after messaging “Don’t run”. Only, Ruby happens to be there too and she meets Laurence and the kids at the train station. Billy shows up though and interjects, prompting Laurence and the kids to leave as Billy faces arrest for what happened with Fiona. Before he goes though, he asks her to admit she loves him. Instead, she walks away which is where the episode, and series, ends.

There are so many questions left unresolved with this one that it’s difficult to know where to start. What happened with Officer Cloud? Given how inept she is and how she only has a description of “two hikers”, how is she going to catch Billy and Ruby? What are the repercussions for Fiona’s death? Is Billy telling the truth or was she pushed out? Why does Ruby get no comeuppance for cheating on her husband? Why didn’t he say anything when Billy burst in to talk to her, and worse – walk away so he can watch from afar?

Unfortunately Run runs out of steam and ideas during its finale, bowing things out with an underwhelming and lacklustre finish to this utterly forgettable show.


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