Run – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Running Again

After last week’s dramatic episode, Run returns with another simple slice of comedy as our duo debate about whether to phone the police and tell them about Fiona’s death or not. With a more simple set-up this time and less of the elaborate twists and turns, Run returns to its more formulaic structure as we gear up ready for the finale next week.

Episode 6 of Run begins with Billy and Ruby returning to the house and finding the lights on. As Ruby approaches, the porch-light switches on prompting them both to bolt. Walking through the forest, Billy pleads with Ruby to phone the police but she refuses to do so given they’re innocent. At the same time, Laurel arrives at the house looking for the owner Daniel, instead finding Fiona’s body.

While two detectives arrive and begin to investigate the scene, Ruby and Billy discuss what happened at the house and their journey so far. Ruby goes on to mention how she just wanted to be seen and how she worried her unhappiness would spread to the kids, hence why she ran away from home. As truths continue to spill out, Ruby tells him that if they go to the police Lawrence will find out she was with Billy and it means she’ll lose her kids.

Hearing this, Billy decides to take the fall for what happened and go to the police alone, covering for Ruby and telling her he’ll say she wasn’t there. As they keep talking, Billy tells her he has to admit the truth otherwise they’ll think he was the one responsible for killing Fiona, especially given he let go of her wrists while she was at the window.

Meanwhile, Detective Cloud speaks to Laurel and attempts to take her statement. The conversation turns toward that of the hikers but just before she can get their description, Laurel leaves the house thanks to a slot at the karaoke bar. While Cloud sits at the bar awkwardly waiting for her to finish, Billy and Ruby happen to be at the same bar drinking together and discussing what to do next.

Realizing their train is only one town away, Ruby and Billy decide to run away again, with their plan being to phone the police from the train carriage instead. They quickly grab their things and leave but as they do, Laurel arrives at the bar to get some drinks and finds Billy’s coat hanging on the back of the chair, which is where the episode ends.

Aside from the unprofessional police officer that clearly flunked her way through her exams, the episode itself doesn’t add much to the show aside from gearing things up for the finale next week. Quite what Billy and Ruby’s fate will be remains to be seen but unless this leaves things on a cliffhanger ready for season 2, I’d imagine Ruby returns to Lawrence and Billy is arrested for Fiona’s murder.

Across the season the show has done an okay job building up to this point but there just isn’t enough here to help Run stand out next to other comedies. It’s so hard to empathise with two characters that have uprooted their lives to have an affair and hearing Ruby’s contradictory statements about how she’s a good and bad Mum and a good and bad husband beats around the fact that Ruby has still been unfaithful and continued to lie to a husband that’s seemingly worried sick and angry over her leaving him completely. That’s before even mentioning she’s barely spoken to her kids across the season.

Still, the finale certainly leaves things wide open for what direction this will go next and if you’ve made it this far, no doubt you’ll tune in for that one too.

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