Rugal – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review


“Welcome To My World”

Picking up where it left off, Rugal returns for an exciting episode, one that sees a lot more back-story given for Tae-Woong while allowing the rivalry between Argos and Rugal to continue developing over time. With a better pacing this episode and lots to digest, Rugal bows out its weekend run with a big cliffhanger and plenty of unanswered questions.

Episode 6 of Rugal begins with Deuk-Ga giving Ki-Beom the address and leaving, just as Min-Jung brandishes a knife and starts fighting. Realizing he needs to save the two boys, he finishes the fight with Min-Jung, which includes pushing him into the electrified fence, while noticing the video feed ending on the remote car underground.

Dal-Ho gets his orders and booby traps the cage the two boys are left in while Ki-Beom escapes the electrified fence and receives a call from Ye-Won. Only, he decides to use this to his advantage and tells her to meet him at Deuk-Ga’s hideout, strategically getting himself stuck behind the fence once more.

When she arrives at his location, he shows her Min-Jung’s body and they talk business. Just before he leaves, Ki-Beom places a bug in Min-Jung’s jacket. Ye-Won immediately phones Deuk-Ga when Ki-Beom leaves and tells him he’s at his hideout.

Gwang-Cheol and Mi-Na make it to the location with the captives but realize the fence is electrified, stopping them in their tracks. Only, they manage to break in and together, save one of the boys. Unfortunately Gwang-Cheol steps on the presurre plate outside and the entire cage collapses behind him, killing the other captive boy.

Overcome with guilt, Gwang-Cheol blames himself while Ki-Beom arrives to pick the duo up. As Mi-Na and Gwang-Cheol start fighting, Ki-Beom tells them to work as a team and reminds them they have bigger fish to fry – namely that of Deuk-Ga.

At headquarters, Deuk-Ga checks on Tae-Woong who happens to be dreaming about his past. As we cut back in time we see exactly what befell him as he’s beaten by numerous men after having his arm cut off. Thankfully he was saved at the last second by a mysterious gunman.

When he awakens, Geun-Cheol talks to him about the deal they made previously. As he mentions things have changed, Ki-Beom happens to be listening outside.

Meanwhile, Ye-Won confronts Deuk-Ga over what he’s been up to; buying properties and avoiding paying taxes by using Chairman Ko’s money. Deuk-Ga tells her to watch out, reminding her that his words are not his weapon, before presenting Min-Jung and reminding her what he’s capable of, with the lake and the dead bodies that float below. Of course, thanks to Ki-Beom’s bug he listens to the entire event unfold and turns his attention to tracking down this body of water.

Before he does however, Ki-Beom visits an unconscious Tae-Woong and manages to hack into his files. He looks over all the details, including his dead parents and shady past. When Tae-Woong awakens, they talk about the situation together before Ki-Beom heads out to prove himself on a new assignment.

At the lake, Ki-Beom scouts the place out with Bradley before noticing a shack housing scuba gear. Given how shallow the lake is, Ki-Beom has his suspicions and manages to break in, where they find watches clearly collected from the bodies dumped underwater. However, Ki-Beom also finds Yong-Deok still alive.

When Deuk-Ga arrives back at the docks, he finds a message asking to meet at the Execution Site. Ki-Beom presents himself out the shadows along with a very-much-alive Yong-Deok. Distracting Deuk-Ga long enough to catch him by surprise, Bradley and Ki-Beom work together to add a contraption to Yong-Deok’s wheelchair that sees Deuk-Ga shot several times with poisonous darts. As he collapses on the ground, writhing in pain, the episode ends.

Using Deuk-Ga’s own monologues against him is a great touch in this episode, especially given the questionable way Ki-Beom stood and failed to make a move last time out. Alongside this, it’s welcome to finally learn more about Tae-Woong’s past and understanding his motives is certainly good to see. Quite what his deal with Geun-Cheol entails though remains a mystery.

Alongside this, the rivalry between Argos and Rugal is really starting to heat up now and quite what the rest of the series has in store for us, remains to be seen.


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