Rory McBride – Sonic Lullaby | Album Review

Track Listing

The Azure King
Sonic Lullaby
Stay Blue


Rory McBride epitomizes great song structure and song-writing ability, and his 3 song EP Sonic Lullaby emerges like a phoenix from the ashes. The discerning singer/songwriter pushes his limitations to the max, and uses his musical know how to create something quite extraordinary. His voice of reason clicks with instrumentals, and he balances the stress and significance of making music in these times really well.

Sonic Lullaby has been meticulously created with drama in mind, though that drama is beneficial to the whole concept and creation. McBride uses his vocals as sounds of grace, and he has perfectly written lyrics that are evocative rather than churned out. They’re very clearly designed with care and attentiveness. His personal battles are on show too, as the words don’t always come off as being optimistic.

‘The Azure King’ starts the EP off as McBride sings with urgency, and his voice has reason. The acoustic guitars generate, and a monologue comes in. It’s a fine start.

‘Sonic Lullaby’, by comparison, begins with another guitar sequence, and McBride sings with urgency. He proves he’s great with lyrics, as poetic strands keep the song seamless.

‘Stay Blue’ is subtle, and it connects with its soft core. McBride’s vocals truly shine here and the lyrics blaze a trail. He’s so adept at creating his own world which gives him validation.

Rory McBride engages here with this organic sound, and Sonic Lullaby is unorthodox, but that’s what makes it so beautiful.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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