Room 104 – Season 4 Episode 11 Recap & Review



Room 104 returns for episode 11 and this time we’re diving into the realm of animation. With a simple theme and some basic shading, the episode itself does okay to get its message across but there’s undoubtedly a feel that this squanders its potential slightly with basic characterization.

The episode itself begins with two girls hiding under the bed, holding their breath as a cleaner slowly exits the room. Eventually the door shuts, allowing these 2 girls to begin eating junk food and enjoying their last summer together.

Finn and her friend Gray discuss the unknown world of puberty. Gray in particular worries that “it” won’t happen soon but Finn tries to encourage her friend to forget about it for now.

Together, they start looking through their high school yearbook and settle on a guy called John. Phoning him, Finn encourages the boy to join them in the motel room.

With teeth shining, John shows up and the trio start drinking. Only, Gray and Finn immediately turn on each other and fight over this guy. Eventually Gray has enough and heads into the bathroom alone, where John takes a fancy to Finn and eventually forces himself on her.

While Gray listens to her Walkman, Finn turns into a werewolf while John ends up as a beefed up Hulk. As they fight across the room, Gray hurries out and starts beating down John in order to save her friend.

Suddenly, Gray turns into a werewolf too and the duo merge into one in order to take on this jock. It seems to work and John is forced to leave. As he does, the duo start dancing together, which is where the episode ends.

With an interesting play on puberty (“it actually being turning into a werewolf),Room 104 subverts expectations with a pretty good twist at the end.

The animation is okay, with thick lines and basic colours but the lack of shading and lighting work does give this a more simplistic feel than it perhaps should.

Overall though, Room 104 delivers a pretty enjoyable but forgettable episode.

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