Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 22 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Red One

Episode 22 of The Rookie: Feds season 1 starts in Las Vegas, Nevada where a man arises from the sandy desert as if he was buried alive. He seems unsure about his location and starts screaming.

Elsewhere, Cutty is helping Simone plan her 49th birthday party. She wants to invite 200 people but 80 are yet to RSVP. Simone is more annoyed to see that Carter is one of them. She promises to get her co-workers to RSVP once she gets to the office.

Once there though, Antoinette finds it hard to understand why Brendon has been giving Simone several gifts for her birthday. Their conversation is interrupted by Elena who suggests that Brendon tones down the gift-giving and concentrate more on Antoinette. Simone also thinks that Brendon is doing too much but is happy with the gifts. I don’t blame her!

Simone asks Carter why he is not coming to her party and he says that they shouldn’t fraternize and should reset their boundaries. Laura is also a maybe as she doesn’t know if she will be on call. Before the briefing, the Feds Director, Jack, calls Garza’s team aside to look into an old friend, Supervisory Special Agent Neal Wizaro. Neal claims he was buried alive and has no recollection of what happened in the past 24 hours. Jack asks the team to be discreet.

Garza sends Simone and Carter to Las Vegas to retrace Neal’s steps. Simone is elated while Carter is pissed. Laura and Garza interrogate Neal but he only remembers something called red one. He met some women at the hotel bar and the next thing he knows he is waking up buried in the desert. Antoinette comes in to perform a tox screen and Garza asks her to be discreet.

On the plane ride to Las Vegas, Simone tries to convince Carter to come to her party. They get to Vegas and find out that Neal is still supposedly checked in. They check the room and find a man, Armstrong, tied to a briefcase nuke. He can’t move or the whole place goes kaboom! It turns out to be a false scare though, thankfully.

Armstrong is convinced by Neal that the suitcase has a bomb in it and he should wait for backup. He doesn’t know who was at the party held in Neal’s room but one lady named Mandy gave him his number. They interrogate Mandy who confesses to drugging Neal at the request of an anonymous friend.

The tox screen on Neal comes back and reveals he was given drugs and the truth serum. This is also why he has no memories of what happened. It becomes clear that Neal was targeted and most probably revealed some secrets. However, he has no idea what information he gave away. After seeing the sketch of the anonymous man who financed the whole party in Neal’s room, they learn it was another agent, Tom. Neal was supposed to be investigating Tom after he got into a fender bender.

As they investigate the case, Laura calls out Brendon on his excessive gift-giving and says that he overcompensates when it comes to Simone. Brendon denies it but it is clear he is. Back to the case, Laura and Brendon interrogate Tom who lies to their faces about what is going on. They realize that Tom is not alone in the office and soon gunshots pierce the air. After the confrontation, they arrest Tom and the two men he was with. They also find drugs hidden in his bureau car.

Tom gets queasy when Neal shows up to investigate the fender bender. He was hoping to get Neal in a compromising situation to blackmail him. However, he didn’t give Neal the truth serum or tried to bury him alive, which puts the case back to square one. They go back to watch the surveillance video and spot two Saudi men who were watching Neal. One of them refers to the other as Ridwan.

What secret does Neal reveal to Ridwan?

Back in Las Vegas, Simone and Carter find a lighter in the hole Neal was buried in. They ask the lab to run it and return to the hotel. Carter decides to stay back with Simone and asks why she is intent on having a big 49th birthday. Simone confesses that it is because her mom died at 48. After their talk, Simone stays back and hits the jackpot.

The next morning, Brendon tells Antoinette why he wants to shower Simone with gifts. She is the only one who believed in him when he was in Quantico and helped him. Antoinette tells him that he is not in Simone’s debt and should cut himself some slack. Simone and Carter head home to continue the case since Ridwan is rumoured to have gone to Seattle.

Meanwhile, Garza and Elena help Neal to reconstruct his memory. It turns out that he revealed the location of a retired US Marshall who used to work on a case of a war criminal named Geoffrey. She currently lives in Seattle and knows the new identity of the war criminal that Ridwan is after. By the time they get to her, it is too late – she is dead.

Does Ridwan kill Geoffrey?

Ridwan knows the location and is on his way to kill Geoffrey. Geoffrey spots the assassins and asks his wife and child to hide. He tries to defend himself and his family, but the police get there just as the attack is in progress.

The police get to Geoffrey but Ridwan manages to get his wife and kid first. He wants Geoffrey to watch as he kills his family. Simone gets shot but thankfully, her bulletproof vest saves her life. Sadly, she is unable to make it to her party on time.

Cutty keeps the party going as he waits for her. Simone also asks Brendon to stop giving her more gifts, and forces her co-worker to come to her party.

The Episode Review

And there you have it folks, it is a wrap for season 1 of The Rookie: Feds. It has been quite an entertaining journey with some disappointments but we enjoyed it.

This episode was a bit slow-paced for a finale and the Simone shooting came off as a desperate trial to amp the stakes within the last minutes. I feel like the Rookie Feds just doesn’t have that certain je ne sais quoi that The Rookie has. The writers tried but in most episodes failed.

What were your thoughts on Season 1 for Rookie: Feds? Kindly let us know your favourite episodes or moments in the comment section below! We always look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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