Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 9 “Flashback” Recap & Review


Rookie: Feds episode 9 starts with a flashback to Panama when Garza was working a case. He is working with a team led by a woman named Camilla and had just brought a suspect in for questioning. Garza at the time was against the arrest but he has no choice but to comply with the powers above. Although he is dating Camilla, he can’t convince her to stop the interrogation of the suspect.

During the interrogation, they try to get the suspect, Rice to confess to the crime of treason. They believe he has been selling secrets to the Russians and of course, he denies everything. As they are investigating him, Russian gangsters attack the safe house and kill Camilla and get away with Rice.

At present time, Garza gets an anonymous call and he makes immediate plans to leave for Washington. In Washington, he heads to a parking lot and is arrested before he does anything much. As soon as he realized, he has been set up, he calls Simone and gives her only three clues and asks her to trust no one but the team.

He gets arrested for espionage and is flown back to L.A. In the meantime, the team try to decrypt his clues. Elena calls them and informs them that something big is going down in the office but she doesn’t know exactly what it is.  Laura suggests they separate and Brendon suggests they communicate on Cliptok to stay under the radar.

Brendon and Laura set camp in one of the interrogation rooms at the police station thanks to Sergeant Grey from The Rookie. Carter and Simon go into the office to try and get more information on what might be happening to Garza.

Simone tries to use her charms to get more from Tracy but fails. In the meantime, Garza is being interrogated on the flight back. He tells the officer in charge, that he is being framed and tries to plead his case. He thinks someone he worked with in Panama is trying to frame him, his best guess is Link.

On the other hand, Laura calls Mark and asks for a favour to find out why Garza was arrested and the evidence against him. He agrees to help and he calls back and informs them that Garza is being arrested for espionage. He was caught with two million while he was in Washington and he is looking at the death penalty if found guilty.

Elena tries getting information from her administration friends at the Bureau and learns that Tracy has a secret guest who might be the person framing Garza. She also helps them with the clues Garza gave to Simone and tells them about a secret compartment in his office. Carter and Simone plot how to get into Garza’s office which is being guarded and get the files on the Panama case. Their plan is successful even though they hit a little snafu.

Through their investigation, Laura and Brendon find out about Link and believe he is the traitor. They decide that since he might be with Tracy in her office, they get a sneak and peek warrant for his house. Unfortunately, they are met with a gun barrel on their faces with Link hell-bent on shooting them. Link tells them that he is innocent and he thinks that Garza is the traitor.

They realize that both Garza and Link think the other is the traitor because someone else has been playing them. They decide to work together to uncover the truth and find the real traitor. Simone manages to convince the pilot, Catherine to sneak a phone to Garza. Catherine agrees to help and leaves a phone for Garza in the toilet. Garza talks with Simone and once he learns Link is not the traitor, he realizes there is only one possible suspect.

Before they can finish their conversation, Garza is discovered in the toilet and Simone talks to the officer in charge to listen to Garza and work with them. They turn their investigation to the only possible suspect left, Alan Brady. He is about to be nominated for  Deputy Secretary of Defense. Tracy has a hard time believing that Brady is their man but is willing to uncover the truth. She brings in Garza as soon as he lands to interrogate  Rice and make him confess.

Upon seeing Garza free, Rice realizes that the jig is up and he has a better chance if he confesses. He admits that he had been working with Russia and it didn’t turn out as he had hoped. He decided to work with  Brady and together they framed Garza to be the fall guy. Tracy uses Rice to get Brady to incriminate himself and get the evidence needed to arrest him for treason.

Garza is cleared of all charges and the team is excited that the storm is over. They are more curious as to why Garza chose Simone as his first call. He tells them that he was on the top of his recent call list. In private, he tells Simone he called her because he needed a torpedo.

At the end of the day, Laura calls Mark and makes plans to spend Christmas with him.

The Episode Review

Rookie: Feds delivers a tense mid-season finale and they tried to amp up the stakes and it didn’t disappoint. The team has gotten close and they truly care for each other. They were willing to sacrifice their careers and freedom to save Garza.

It looks like we might be seeing more of Laura and Mark together and I think they make a cute couple. Hopefully, they will work out and stand the test of time.

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