Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 8 “Standoff” Recap & Review


Episode 8 of Rookie: Feds starts with a young girl and her father in the kitchen preparing dessert for Thanksgiving. Their cute father-daughter moment is cut short when two masked men secretly get into the house and kidnap them at gunpoint.

On the other hand, there is a sweet reunion in Cutty’s home as Simone’s children visit for thanksgiving. Their reunion is drawn to an early close when Simone’s daughter informs her that she flunked out of school. Simone doesn’t even give her a chance to explain herself before she rips into her. The poor girl is saved by Garza’s call to Simone asking her to report to work.

Brendon decided to go to the office and keep Laura company as she is not flying home for Thanksgiving. It was supposed to be a quiet day in the office as they catch up on their paperwork but the kidnapping of a six-year-old and her father throws those plans out the window.

The team finds the surveillance footage of the father and kid being forced into a car which is later spotted outside the DEA’s office. As it turns out the dad works at the DEA’s office.

Meanwhile, Lopez is preparing to go to her mother’s-in-law Thanksgiving party and is bummed that Wesley has to go to the office for a short while. A high-profile prisoner, Nokav is planning to sign a deal with the DEA under the radar and go into witness protection.

The FBI head over to the DEA’S office to secure the car and scene and find only the dad. The kidnappers took his child and forced him to give them his access card to the building. They are on their way to free the prisoner and are intercepted by the FBI. They get into a shoot-out with the police and one of the gangsters gets shot in the abdomen. Lopez quickly gets wind of what is happening and heads over to help with the hostage situation.

Novak decides to pull back and lock himself in with his people and six hostages. He is planning to negotiate his freedom using the hostage and the young girl.  Novak asks Garza to send in a medic to treat one of his henchmen. Simone decides to go undercover as a medic and Garza sends her as along with another medic. Novak is paranoid and thinks that the second medic is an FBI so he chases him out. He shouldn’t have undermined Simone.

Simone gets busy treating the gangster and tells Novak that he needs a hospital. Novak agrees to let him out but keeps Simone as a hostage. This guy just keeps making the wrong decisions, no wonder he ended up in jail!  Simone and Wesley team up and trick the young gangster watching them to betray Novak. He frees them but just as they were about to make a run for it, they are spotted by Novak. Luck for them, the police charge in and rescues them before Novak kills them.

They arrest Novak but he negotiates his freedom by using the young six-year-old. The FBI has not been able to trace her location but believes they are about to accost him. They breach the house they think he has her but there is no sight of the young girl. Garza is left with no choice but to set Novak and his men free. Brendon and Laura realize that the kidnapper was not in the apartment but in the basement and they rush to rescue the girl. With the girl rescued, all that is left is to arrest Novak again. They press the young gangster who surrendered to find a way to get Novak.  The information proves to be useful and they are able to arrest Novak.

After the case, Brendon confides in Laura that he is at work because he is avoiding his peers and he has changed after joining the FBI. He feels they won’t understand him anymore. Garza and Carter bond over some tequila. Simone gets back home and has a conversation with her daughter. She invites the team to her place and they celebrate Thanksgiving together.

The Episode Review

Brendon’s situation is relatable, sometimes we change for the better then we start wondering if we fit in with our old friends anymore. So far throughout this season, Brendon has been evolving into a better man and also dealing with life-and-death situations. The way he saw and related to life as an actor in Hollywood is different from the way he sees it now as an FBI agent. Thankfully, he has the likes of Laura and Simone to cheer him up when he is down. And who knows, we might add Antoinette to the list soon!

It is also exciting to see Simone in her mom element, hopeful her kids will stick around more. Simone is also doing a good job, helping the team bond and lifting their morale. It was thoughtful of her to invite them over for a Thanksgiving meal.

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