Rookie Feds – Season 1 Episode 4 “To Die For” Review & Recap

To Die For

Episode 4 of The Rookie: Feds picks up exactly where the last episode of The Rookie left off when Rosalind was shot. The FBI is taking over the case and Garza is giving a press statement confirming Rosalind’s death and shares a picture of the man suspected to be Rosalind’s accomplice. The police believe the accomplice is operating under an alias, Jeffrey Boyle, and has killed at least 3 people.

The team decides to divide and conquer, Carter and Simone head to the morgue to talk to the M.E about the victim Lopez and Harper found in the last trap. Laura and Brendon decide to investigate the trap he made for Bailey to come up with a profile on the suspect. They run into Bradford  from The Rookie who is sceptical of Laura’s profiling. Later, they are joined by Mark, Laura’s former partner. He doesn’t agree with Laura’s  profile on the suspect and they keep on bickering about who is right or wrong.

Carter and Simone learn the identity of the last victim and they visit her roommate who tells them that Sadie had met a new guy at the University library who shared her interest in gothic architecture. He gave her a rare book and they are able to learn Jeff’s real identity after lifting fingerprints from the book.

His real name is Eli Reynold and he hails from Denver. The team heads to Denver because they think there is a chance he ran back to his hometown. They interrogate his dad who initially lies to them but they soon discover that he used to torture Eli as a way to “toughen him up.” I don’t think he will be winning the best dad award any time soon.

They are forced to spend the night in Denver as they wait for  new leads so they hang out together. Simone being the good kind of nosy that she is, can’t help but advise Laura and Carter. Carter is currently going through a divorce and Simone tries to motivate him up to get back in the game. Isn’t it too soon?

On the other hand, she advises Laura, to be honest about how she feels about her old partner Mark. Laura takes her advice and makes a point to apologize to Mark for leaving the way she did. Apparently she just up and left without as much as a goodbye .  They end up sleeping together but Laura is still healing from the betrayal of her fiancé and doesn’t want a serious relationship. Mark understands this and is okay with being friends with benefits.

Meanwhile, Eli is hunting for a new victim at a scrap yard and he meets Mia who is an artist and they bond over that. He invites her back to his place and flirts with her until she makes a move to leave. He overpowers her and puts her in a heat chamber and watches her as she slowly begins to burn from the heat. He is a messed-up psychopath for sure!

The next morning the team gets a lead on a possible location on Eli and they head to Arizona. As they dig deeper, they discover that Eli was seen at a scrap yard and has a new victim. This means they are running out of time and need to find him before the new victim dies.

Brendon tracks down the car Eli was driving using the videos from the security cameras at the scrap yard. They find him in a secluded rental house but unfortunately, Mark gets hurt by one of the booby traps Eli set. Eli tries to escape and Simone pursues him. He attacks her but Laura arrives just in time to save her.

The Episode Review

I highly doubt this episode qualifies as a crossover event. The only person we saw from The Rookie was Bradford for at least 75 seconds. Overall the episode delivered but I felt scammed because they had promoted it as a big crossover event.

Laura may not be ready to be in a serious relationship and that is okay but I think she and Mark have great chemistry. I hope they can evolve their relationship as time goes by.

It is nice seeing Carter and Garza start a bromance as they bond over the pain of divorce. Hopefully Carter will make it through this hard time, and be able to find a balance between work and parenting so he can be there for his son.

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  1. The Laura-Mark situation is totally unbelievable. It’s not surprising to discover this episode was written by men. No woman with self respect would be interested in a man who undermines her professionally as Mark undermines Laura the first time we see him in this episode. And a woman like Simone would recognize this behavior as controlling and would certainly not encourage Laura to hook up with a dick like Mark. I wanted to like this show because I like the lead character, but I don’t know if I can tolerate it after such blatant disrespect of women demonstrated by this episode.

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