The Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 3 “Star Crossed” Recap & Review

Star Crossed

Episode 3 of Rookie: Feds starts with Garza briefing the team on the next case. They are going after a drug syndicate named Tobias. They are planning to infiltrate a party Tobias is throwing for his daughter at a restaurant and collect incriminating evidence.

Garza invites an electronic surveillance expert, Agent Bob, to teach Simone and Brendon how they will successfully carry out the operation. Unfortunately, Bob dies in the middle of the lesson.

Meanwhile, things are heating up in Simone’s love life as she meets DJ. Between the flirty stares and the flying sparks, they manage to exchange numbers. I am so excited to see where this goes especially since DJ is played by Jessica Betts who is married to Niecy Nash-Betts in real life.

Laura and Garza have breakfast together and Garza is concerned if Laura is okay now that she has finished her mandated therapy. She went through a hard time when her fiancé cheated on her with her best friend. Garza thinks she can still use another month of therapy to get herself together.

The sting was going smoothly until a violent biker gang known as “The Dead Bastards” shows up at the party. They came to discuss urgent business with Tobias. Garza thinks they are on to a big discovery but Tobias and the biker gang leader, Rusty decide to talk in the kitchen where Brendon and Simone forgot to wire the room. Simone offers to go in and install a surveillance camera in the kitchen. With the device installed, the FBI is able to listen in on their conversation.

Carter and his wife have been having trouble in their marriage  since the beginning of the show . Carter has been trying hard to fix it and was hoping a promotion at work would help. Sadly, it looks like it is too late to salvage the relationship. They are getting a divorce.

Simone, Laura, and Brendon return later to the restaurant to collect their surveillance devices and witness Tobias’ daughter and Rusty’s son who are dating being kidnapped. They immediately put a BOLO out and notify their parents. Laura is worried that the parents will make reckless decisions to save their kids.

The parents are shocked to know their kids are dating and have been kidnapped. They also think that this might be a ploy by the FBI to get close to them and their business. Each parent thinks that their kid is innocent and was lured by the other. They start blaming each other for the kidnapping. They refuse to cooperate with the police and want to find their kids by themselves.

The team keeps a close eye on both parents and finds a ransom call and video sent to Rusty. Brendon tries to get a clue from the ransom video. He gets a hit but they only find Rusty’s son, with no sign of Tobias’s daughter. They arrest the kidnappers and Simone thinks something is not adding up with the case. As everything unravels, the team realize the suspect was right under their noses.

The Episode Review

I am so excited to see how Simone and DJ’s storyline will go. They have great chemistry and they would make a hot couple.

Laura has every right to go off on her best friend. She betrayed her and has the nerve to blame Laura for the affair! I am glad that Laura called her out on it and gave her a piece of her mind. Also on a side note, am I the only one who thinks Laura and Brendon should become good friends?

The show is getting better with every episode and it looks this will be a hit police-procedural show in no time.

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