Rookie Feds – Season 1 Episode 2 “Face Off ” Recap & Review

Face Off

Episode 2 of Rookie Feds Season 1 starts with Simone and her team in the middle of an intense arrest and she is wearing a wedding dress. Brendon can barely focus as he keeps thinking about going back to his acting career. He has been offered a  tempting role and he is considering it. However, I don’t think it is a good excuse to be distracted during a shootout.

Tracy asks Carter to sell out Garza and give her proof that Garza is breaking protocol so she can dismantle his new unit. She gives him two options, a promotion or a demotion to a remote town in the middle of nowhere.

Simone and Brendon are still on probation and are being trained by Carter and Laura. Today, they are learning all the mandatory tasks a rookie must complete during their probation. Devon and Simone want to start with the most challenging task which is getting CIs.

Simone is overly confident after making an arrest on her way to work. She and Carter take a bet on whether she can easily charm the drug peddler she arrested into becoming a CI. Simone puts on the heavy charm and works Anton like a tambourine and he sings like a canary.

Carter reports to Gaza that Simone’s CI may have given them a lead and they will be putting a wire on him. Garza thinks that is great work but asks Carter to ignore protocol unless they get an arrest.

Brendon visits an old acquaintance who works at a 5-star hotel and wants to turn him into a CI. He is sure that he has seen much illegal stuff from their high-class clients at the hotel. It didn’t turn out so great after Brendon mistook a congressman’s wife for a prostitute.

Anton is compromised during their undercover stint and the FBI goes in hot to extract him. They discover that the criminals are doing plastic surgery in the building. They think they have caught one of the world’s most wanted criminals but as it turns out he is just a body double. The actual criminal (Quincannon) is paying people to get surgery to change their appearance to his likeness.

The fake Quincannon gives them a lead but they find another body double. I gotta say, maybe Quincannon is onto something here!

Brendon decides to go to the reading of the role he was offered after Laura tells him what she has profiled on him. She thinks he lives for praise and he should decide if he can hack being an FBI agent.

Simone goes home after the end of the day and gets into an argument with her dad about Anton. Her dad is convinced that she is not helping the community but turning them against each other. Her father tells her that he is so disappointed in her.

The case leads them to Miami where they think the real Quincannon may be hiding. Brendon uses some barely believable sensory technique on fake Quincannon to trace a house from memory. They go in all guns blazing and arrest the real criminal. Guess, he ran out of body doubles.

After they close the case, Carter confesses to Garza that he is being threatened by Tracy. Garza tells him when Tracy comes for them they will deal with her.

Simone’s dad realizes he was wrong when Anton gets the charges against him dropped. He talks with Simone and tells her he may not approve of her methods but he sees her efforts.

The Episode Review

This episode had a better storyline compared to the last episode and the case was interesting. The episode had good jokes and the stakes were amped just right and I am convinced that the show will continue to get better.

We got to see Lucy and Bradford from The Rookie too, which is always a nice treat! Laura and Bradford are eerily alike and that was a funny scene.

I don’t understand Brendon’s dilemma, what exactly is holding him back? Is he afraid that he won’t be able to be a good FBI agent or does he miss the glam and glitz? He needs to decide because his distraction can be detrimental to the team.

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