Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 21 “Bloodline” Recap & Review


Episode 21 of Rookie: Feds season 1 starts with a man hiding in the dark watching a young couple say goodbye to each other. The young man sends his lady off and is about to be attacked by the man hiding. Out of nowhere, another masked man shows up on the scene, electrocutes the first attacker and allows the young man to flee.

Elsewhere, Laura is moving into her new home with the help of her boyfriend Mark. Unfortunately, she is summoned back to the office after Nolan ( from the Rookie) briefed the Feds about the possibility of a serial killer looming in the city. Nolan and Nyla discovered a severed arm not linked to a murder case they were working on. They then matched the severed arm to a severed leg found in Arizona.

According to Antoinette, the arm and leg were cut using a water jet cutter. She is yet to examine both limbs but she is certain she will learn more after. Given the fact that the killer uses a water jet cutter, it means that they can trace him using the machine. After updating the Feds, Nolan leaves and the Feds team continue looking into the case.

Elena joins Antoinette in examining the arm of the second victim. They think that the killer is about to strike soon but they need to find his pattern. They find a metal pin in the arm of the victim and use it to identify him. The victim turns out to be Sebastian, a 32-year-old man out on parole. They notify his wife, Sheriece who is relieved that he didn’t just up and leave her. Sheriece tells them that Sebastian went out to grab some liquor two weeks ago and was never seen again.

They head to the liquor store Sheriece mentioned and the owner tells them that Sebastian was about to rob him but a masked man saved him. They get the surveillance camera from the liquor store owner and analyze it. Mark calls Laura to update her on the move but Laura is not satisfied with his interior design choices.

After watching the surveillance video, they learn that the vigilante killer is using a cattle prod. They also get news that there was a similar case that took place the night before. The scene cuts to the killer interrogating the man he kidnapped the night before. He confesses that he is a predator and he hurts those who hurt others.

Garza starts to believe that the killer is targeting and watching his victims. Brendon thinks that the killer might be in law enforcement but it is still unclear. Antoinette interrupts their discussion to inform them that the female victim and Sebastian are related.

Carter and Simone look into it and learn that  Sebastian was born through artificial insemination from a sperm bank. They head to the clinic but the doctor is hesitant to help. After much coercion, the doctor reveals that a few months ago, someone hacked into their system, stole information from records from 30 years ago and then wiped the data clean. Simone asks to see the hard copy and invites Antoinette and Elena to help go through the records.

As they leave the hospital, Simone spots her dad Cutty who claims he is feeling dizzy. The doctor asks to keep him at the hospital to run some tests. Simone wants to stay with her dad but he refuses and the doctor promises to keep Simone updated.

Meanwhile, Antoinette and Elena find a clue in the hospital files.  It turns out that Sebastian’s dad, Thomas is a serial killer serving time in prison. Laura and Brendon head over to interrogate him. He admits to donating his sperm when he was in college.  They inform Thomas that he is a father of seven and that someone is killing off his kids.

As Elena and Antoinette dig deeper, they are able to identify the first female victim. They also track down another one of the siblings named Maggie who lives in L.A. Simone and Carter visit her along with Nolan and ask to talk. In the meantime, Elena identifies another sibling, Roman and Laura contacts him to warn him of impending danger. Unfortunately, Roman is the killer and lies that he is in Vancouver. Laura asks him to contact them once he is back to allow them to protect him.

In reality, Roman is outside Maggie’s house and is spotted by her son and Simone. They rush out to save Maggie’s son but Roman is gone. He only left the little boy with a trophy from his last kill.

They head back to the office and Laura is caught off-guard when she learns that Mark invited Brendon and Antoinette to a housewarming party. The party turns out to be less rest and more work to make the house Laura-certified. It also gets awkward since Laura is trying to escape the fact that Mark dropped the L word in the morning and she didn’t say it back. She decides to head to the store nearby to get a corkscrew. Unfortunately, she is attacked by Roman and kidnapped.

Unaware of what is happening to Laura outside, Brendon and Mark brainstorm about the case. While this is going on, Simone heads to the hospital to see her dad and be with him.

Laura wakes up and finds herself tied in a strange room with Roman. Roman found Laura’s words when she called him comforting. She starts profiling him and Roman feels understood. He wishes for Laura to help him complete his mission to kill his siblings. He feels like his genes are the reason he turned into a serial killer; he wants to save the world by killing his siblings.

He is sure that Maggie’s son has the same affinity to violence too. He wants to kill the six-year-old and hopes Laura will rationalize with him. When Laura refuses, he begins to strangle her but she manages to free herself and flee. Roman gives chases and tries to shoot her.

By the time Mark, Brendon and Antoinette realize something is wrong, it is too late. They head back to the office and it is all hands on deck to save Laura. Simone identifies Roman as the man she saw in Maggie’s backyard. They start to zero in on Roman in an effort to rescue Laura.

As Laura fights to survive, the team succeeds in narrowing down a possible location Roman might be holding her. They arrive to find a severed body and Mark starts losing it thinking it is Laura. Luckily, Laura is alive and Roman commits suicide.

After closing the case, Garza thinks they still need to keep an eye on the siblings. Elena thanks Antoinette for letting her come along and expresses her desire to study forensics. Antoinette agrees to be her mentor.

At the hospital, Simone learns that her dad has an ear infection and will soon get well. The episode ends with Laura back home, safe in Mark’s arms and confesses she loves him too.

The Episode Review

What an intense episode! Laura was so close to evil but she fought like hell to survive. This episode continues to make us think deeper about the nature versus nurture debate. What do you think creates some of the worst monsters we see on our headlines every week?

It was nice to see Antoinette and Elena team up in this one though, and I hope we will see more of them in the future. I am not sure if the writers meant this episode to be a crossover, but if they did then they failed again!

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