Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 20 “I Am Many” Recap & Review

I Am Many

Episode 20 of The Rookie: Feds season 1 starts with Garza visiting a prisoner on death row in Idaho. The prisoner, Foster, seems unperturbed that he will soon be getting a lethal injection. He called Garza because he wants to confess to additional murders. However, Garza is thrown off when Foster asks for the time and says the crime is yet to happen.

Foster claims that he has been awakened and is working with many outside the prison to propel his sadistic belief of being a saviour of sorts. Elsewhere, a group of people are gassed during a work meeting.

Back in LA, Cutty is happy with his relationship with Ruth and they have even confessed their love for each other. They are thinking about moving in together and Simon gets ahead of herself thinking she will have the house all to herself. Unfortunately, no decisions have been made but she is bound to have some awkward meetings with her ex Dina (Ruth’s daughter).

At the office, Antoinette reveals to Brendon that she is a landlord and has multiple properties. Brendon is surprised but he is more concerned and worried about their relationship being in the tabloids. As expected, the media is still trying to update the public about Brendon’s life. Antoinette is cool with it because she knows that media bullying comes with dating Brendon.

As they talk, they are interrupted by Laura who informs them that they need to go to San Francisco after a terrorist attack. Antoinette is also coming with them to find out which biological weapon was used. Garza is sure that the attack was planned by Foster and his minions. He wants Simone to join him while the rest of the team goes to San Francisco.

Simone arrives and takes her first crack at Foster. Foster tries to use the Bible to justify his actions but Simone keeps her cool. She is a bit distracted when she gets a call from Dina asking about their parents.  Dina informs her that Ruth wants them to have dinner as a family but Simone tells her that she might not make it, she is out of town.

Meanwhile, Antoinette and the rest of the team investigate the scene in San Francisco. Brendon worries that Antoinette might get poisoned but she manages to get to the scene and finds evidence on the drone used for the attack. The words, “ I am many,” is written on the drone. As they continue their investigation, another attack takes place in Dallas, four men are poisoned in an elevator.  The words, “ I am many,” is written on the elevator doors.  They realize Foster has minions all around the country.

They need to quickly figure out how Foster has been communicating with his minions. They check his cell but it is clean. The only thing in his room is a book and  Simon finds it suspicious that Foster is reading this.

In the meantime, the team returns to L.A. and Brendon is bothered by some of the things the tabloids are saying about Antoinette. It turns out that she used to play hockey and once dated an art thief. Brendon is shocked but Antoinette is not ready to talk about it. Later, Brendon brings up the subject and Antoinette tells him that she relishes being an enigmatic. She wants to keep the mysterious aura between them.

Upon further digging, they realize the books are how Foster has been contacting his minions with the help of the librarian. Unfortunately, the librarian kills himself after repeating Foster’s mantra. They focus on deciphering the numeric codes that Foster was using and find one of his goons, Donald.

Donald refuses to talk and the deciphered message doesn’t tell them much about the next attack. Things get worse when Donald kills himself while in custody using the cyanide he hid in his glasses.

Simone and Garza return to LA and Simone heads home. She finds her family having dinner and Dina seems confrontational. Ruth and Cutty ask them to solve their issues and leave. The talk ends up with them in bed together.

In the middle of the night, Simone has a nightmare about Foster and fears he has gotten into her head. She decides to go back to Idaho. She is planning to get under Foster’s skin and get him to trip up.

As Simone heads home, the rest of the team stays behind to work on the case. Laura tries to build Foster’s profile by watching his past interviews. She also helps Brendon with his Antoinette problem and tells him to level up.

By morning, they get a clue from Donald’s computer and try to get the password to the dark website run by Foster. They go back to re-watch Foster’s last televised interview, while Simone triggers Foster’s insecurity. Foster loses his cool and slips up after Simone demeans him. Simone realizes that Foster is planning to execute his personal enemy.

After watching the video, they get the password and arrest the remaining minions but one manages to escape and leave a message on the site. They use the clues from Simone to find the last target, Renata, who managed to escape Foster’s first attack. They try to reach out to Renata but they run a bit late to get to her. Thankfully, Renata manages to hang in there until they rescue her from the last minion.

After closing the case, Brendon challenges Antoinette to a game of hockey. For his efforts, Antoinette reveals one fun fact about herself.

Simone heads home and finds out that Ruth and Cutty decided not to move in with each other.  She also talks to Dina and explains that she wants to get back together. They decide to be friends with benefits.

The Episode Review

I love Dina and Simone together, they have great chemistry. I guess that is part of the reason they are married in real life. Everyone in the team is in a happy relationship apart from Garza and Elena and it is a good thing to see. They all spend so much time saving others, they deserve to have love in their lives. Also, aren’t Ruth and Cutty the best example of second chances in love?

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