Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 19 “Burn Run” Recap & Review

Burn Run

Episode 19 of The Rookie: Feds season 1 starts with a woman relaxing at home. She is preparing to enjoy a bath but two men break in and stage her death to look like she slipped and fell.

The next morning, Simone and Brendon are informed that they are falling behind on their training. They need to check off everything on their probation training list. Brendon is going to go on a burn run. It entails burning evidence from old cases that have already been settled. Their job is to watch and make sure the evidence has been burnt.

On the other hand, Simone is on inventory. No one loves inventory day so Simone has her work cut out for her. She is also going to do it alone because Carter took some personal time. Simone spends most of the day chasing agents to do this. It proves to be harder than she thought. It also sees her meeting with Oliver again who is still holding grudges that she jumped ship to join Garza’s team.

Meanwhile, on the way to the burn run, Laura informs Brendon that she is looking into buying a cosy house. Sadly, her offer is turned down and she gets into a bidding war with four other potential buyers. Brendon advises her to profile the homeowners and tell them what they want to hear. He helps her write a letter to the homeowners to get them in her corner.

As they work on the letter, someone distracts them to steal files from an old case and quickly escape. The files stolen were from an old case of an accountant, Andrew, who ripped off his clients. He was sentenced to prison and died of a heart attack. A recent podcast is looking into his case because they believe that Andrew hid more money than was accounted for.

Brendon asks Elena to check out who informed the culprit about the planned burn run while they meet with the podcaster, Amelia. It turns out that Amelia is the one who stole the files after getting a tip from another FBI agent. They arrest Amelia and the agent who sold her information. Later, Laura uses her job as an agent to get the house she wanted by making a deal with the homeowners’ psychic.

Back to Carter, he is on a personal day and is hoping to spend some time with his girlfriend, Fortune. Unfortunately, Fortune is having a difficult shift because her fellow colleagues think she is stealing meds. She asks for Carter’s help and they spend the day trying to solve the case. They discover that one of the young nurses, Gregor, is the culprit but he did it because someone was threatening his grandmother’s life.

Further investigation leads them to an old man from a nursing home. He is a former criminal back to his old ways and used the internet to threaten Gregory. They arrest the man and solve the case. Carter and Fortune are finally able to go on their date.

Still, at the FBI office, Simone gets a call from one of the phones she is checking for inventory. The phone is supposed to belong to Mike Jeffers, an FBI agent who recently passed. The caller gets scared after hearing Jeffers death but Simone asks her to trust her. She promises to help her and the lady confesses she overheard something at her work the previous night. As they talk, the woman screams and drops her phone after seeing a man break into her house.

The woman is one of Jeffers’ CIs and Garza suggests she speaks to Jeffers’ former partner, Oliver if she wants to solve the case. Oliver is not a fan of Simone and is not keen to help her. However, Simone keeps pushing and learns the CI’s name is Gracie. She asks Oliver to join her and by the time they get to Gracie’s house, she is dead. It looks like she died after an overdose. Simone senses that something is off but Oliver feels they don’t have enough evidence to support Simone’s theory.

Garza believes Simone’s instinct and asks Oliver to work with her. Oliver agrees on the condition that Simone follows his orders explicitly. The case heats up after Simone learns that Gracie seemed upset last night after hosting a high-profile poker game.  One of the people at the game is Brendon’s nemesis, Gideon.

Simone asks for Brendon’s help to get to Gideon without his lawyers being present. Gideon proves to be annoying with his method acting but he folds and tells them that he was recording the game.

In the meantime, they analyze the recording and hear some of the people present planning an assassination. They need time to figure out who out of the 5 present ordered the hit. Luckily, Oliver and Simone are on the case and they make a great team. They narrow down the suspect list and find their man is Mitch.

They head out to meet with Mitch but he tries to flee and Oliver gets hurt on the job. Thankfully, Simone manages to arrest Mitch while Oliver has a panic attack and later takes himself off the case. Garza informs Simone that Oliver left the field because he nearly died after getting shot two years ago. It seems the case triggered his trauma but Simone still asks for his help with analyzing the evidence.

Their investigation leads them to a man named Dan who is the target. Dan is a recluse who runs a huge company. The assassins killed Avery ( Dan’s high school sweetheart) to get Dan to attend her funeral.  They quickly rush to save Dan and manage to arrest one of the assassins, Logan. The hitman makes his kills look like an accident and that is how he has been getting away with it.

Garza works on getting Logan to snitch on his partner but fails. Meanwhile, Simone works on completing the inventory, but she also apologizes to Oliver and thanks him for working with her on the case.

The Episode Review

This was an entertaining episode. It was good that they were all working on different cases. We can all agree that Fortune and Carter make a cute couple and an even more badass crime-fighting team. Simone and Oliver finally hushed out their silent feud and they also manage to cooperate well here too.

All in all, the pace of the episode was great and I hope they keep it up as this was a decent episode. Roll on the next case.

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