Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 18 “Seeing Red” Recap & Review

Seeing Red

Episode 18 of Rookie: Feds starts with Simone meeting with Naomi for some breakfast. Naomi thinks Simone is doing too much and Simone agrees, but she can’t give up now. As they chit-chat, a dog approaches Simone and she spots blood on it.

They follow the dog and find a lady lying on the street. The lady is a dog walker who has been robbed, she is worried that the robbers will take her clients’ keys and rob them as well. Simone quickly suggests they work together even though the case falls under LAPD and not the Feds.

Elsewhere, Antoinette confronts Brendon for ghosting her after their steamy night to come to the office. Brendon apologizes and explains that his sponsor’s wife called him after Randy failed to show up at home the previous night. Unfortunately, Randy lost his 10-year sobriety and turned to the bottle again. Antoinette is not sure he is really fine.

Still at the office, Garza is in a meeting with Laura and Carter commending them for their hard work in training the two rookies. Carter is convinced he got the short end of the stick with Simone and Brendon interrupts them. They get a call from Simone whom they assumed was running late. She informs them that she has been caught up in an international incident.

Once Simone arrives at the office, she briefs the team about the robbery of the dog walker. It turns out one of her clients is Viktar Saroka, Consul General of the Belarus Republic. His house along with another one was already ransacked. The robbers stole a diplomatic pouch and the Consulate is sending Rada Rybak to help. Rada refuses to reveal what was in the pouch, and Garza tries to assure her that they only care about recovering this.

After Rada leaves, Garza informs the team that Rada is not to be trusted. He knew her when she was a spy and Belarus already has a war-torn reputation so they can’t trust the Consulate officials.

Garza and Carter visit Viktar and he is also not forthcoming about the items in the pouch. Garza is sure they are hiding something but can’t pinpoint quite what just yet. Back in Viktar’s office, he calls in his bodyguard and asks him to find the pouch. Well, it came in early that week and was for a man named Kosta.

Back at the office, Brendon and Laura try to trace the van used by the robbers. They find the owner and gear up to visit him. They don’t find him in the house but are surprised to see someone jumping from the rooftop of the building. They find two suspects dead after the fall; they take their phones to try and find the killers.

They find a picture of the diplomatic pouch and learn that it contains currency plates. However, Garza notes that the plates are counterfeit. They begin to wonder why Viktar is risking everything by counterfeiting US currency which will lead to more sanctions on the Belarus government. He plans a meeting with Rada to see if he can get the truth from her. He leverages Rada’s ambition to get her on his side. Rada tips him to focus on Kosta who happens to be Viktar’s son. He asks  Rada to help him get into a party at the Consulate later that night.

On the other side of town, Viktar’s bodyguard, Eric, finds Kosta and the diplomatic pouch. Viktar scolds his son for being so stupid and putting a target on his back. Kosta insists that he is trying to help and his dad kicks him out of the house.

After the meeting with Rada, Garza and the team look into Kosta and are surprised to see how he has gotten away with numerous crimes due to his diplomatic immunity. Garza decides he will send Laura and Brendon to infiltrate the Consulate and recover the currency plates. Carter is not sure the plan is viable but they have no other options.

Meanwhile, Antoinette worries that Brendon going undercover is not a good idea and confides in Simone. Simone promises to keep an eye out for Brendon and checks on him. Brendon admits that Randy’s situation is concerning but he is still intent on going through with the op.

The op starts off well and Laura manages to get into Viktar’s office and opens the safe. Unfortunately, she is ambushed and the plates are stolen from her. Brendon goes in to save her but they are discovered by Viktar. Garza calls Viktar to demand the release of his agents and they threaten each other until Viktar agrees to escort Laura and Brendon out.

They get back to the office and Antoinette tries to collect the evidence of Laura’s attacker off her dress. They also realize that Kosta and Viktar are working against each other and that  Kosta stole the currency plates. They put a BOLO out for him.

On the other hand, Brendon confronts Antoinette for telling Simone about Randy. He worries that he might have taken on too much and hints that maybe they should break up.  The day comes to a close and the agents head home. Simone has been ignoring that she is tired and fell asleep driving. She nearly gets into an accident.

The next morning, she confesses to Naomi that she nearly got hurt. Naomi asks her to take a break or she will burn out in a few months.

Antoinette gets a DNA hit from Laura’s dress and it gives them hard evidence that Kosta is the criminal they are after. Speaking of Kosta, he and his goons are using the plates to make money.

Simone asks Brendon to pick her up and they pay a visit to Cutty’s chess game to talk to Anton, a former Russian mafia. They are hoping Anton can help them identify Russian counterfeiters in the city. They play a game of chess for the information and Anton gives them what they need after Simone wins.

Simone and Carter head out to check out the information they got from Anton. They are welcomed with gunshots but they are able to arrest two suspects. One of them refuses to talk but another one agrees to talk for a deal since he has no immunity. They learn that Kosta is going after Rada. They quickly rush out to save her but Kosta opens fire. They are forced to shoot him but he survives.

At the end of the day, Carter checks in on Laura and bonds over their jobs as rookie trainees. Garza has drinks with Rada and they flirt a little bit. In the meantime, Brendon and Antoinette talk and the latter confesses that she is not ready to give up on them. She knows that it won’t be easy but she is ready to try.

Naomi pays Simone a visit at home and brings her a knitting kit to help her relax. She is hoping that it will help Simone and prevent her from burning out.

The Episode Review

It was only a matter of time before Simone started feeling the consequences of going so hard at work. I think she sometimes forgets that she is 48 and not as young as the other agents. She is doing her best and even though she is a handful rookie, she is holding her own. She should know when to stop pushing herself so hard. Moderation should be her new mantra. I also like that Naomi is being a good friend and I hope to see more of this budding friendship.

Antoinette and Brendon are just so adorable. I believe that Antoinette is willing to be there for him and he should trust her enough to know she means it. I hope they won’t be breaking up soon!

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