Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 13 “The Remora” Recap & Review

The Remora

Episode 13 of The Rookie: Feds season 1 starts with a man wiping his forehead before he proceeds to get into a car. He puts a suitcase on the other car seat and gets ready to leave. Just then, someone from the back seat strangles him to death.

Cutty then puts on music, and Simone comes in complaining about the heat. He asks her if she’s got a date, but Simone tells him it is a last-minute assignment.

Just then, Simone’s daughter, Billie, comes in. Cutty and Simone are both surprised. They both think there’s something wrong that brought Billie home, but Billie says it’s just a visit.

A man enters seconds later, and Billie introduces him to Simone as the friend from Berkeley she has been telling her about. His name is Taylor. Simone says she always thought that the ‘friend’ was a girl.

He shakes their hands, but Cutty accepts the handshake hesitantly. Simone asks what he is studying, but Taylor says he is not studying at the moment. He says he lives near campus for the vibes, and Simone and Cutty look at each other, surprised.

Billie also adds she has two days off classes and she decided to take a road trip in Taylor’s van. Cutty asks if Taylor sleeps in the van because he can’t let him sleep in the house. Billie tries to ask her mom to do something about it since it’s still hot outside. Simone, however, makes it clear that it is Cutty’s house, so whatever he says goes.

Simone asks Billie to walk her out, and Billie asks if Taylor is fine. Simone then steps out, asking herself what Billie was thinking.

Brendon and Antoinette are on their first date, which turns out to be a work date after Garza calls in everyone at the office. Antoinette thinks it’s silly that Brendon has to work on their first date. She also thinks it’s still fine because she has been dying to put on that outfit she has. Brendon thinks she looks fantastic.

Just then, Simone comes and wonders why they look so good in spite of Garza telling them to wear classy but casual. She also wonders if Garza called in a lab tech since Antoinette is a lab technician, but she remembers Brendon had mentioned their first date.

Antoinette wonders why Brendon told Simone about their first date, and he says he tells Simone everything. Brendon asks Simone what they were called for, but she doesn’t know either, so they all leave.

Carter is busy on his phone, and when Laura asks, he tells her about him creating a profile on a dating site. He adds that it’s been a week, and he hasn’t received any response. Laura finds it unusual because, according to her, dating sites have bots that are designed to bombard a new profile with texts so they don’t get bored.

Laura requests Carter for the phone so she can see where the problem might be. His profile picture gets Laura’s attention, and Simone then comes in wondering why Carter has such a profile.

Garza then comes in and thanks them for coming in at such short notice. He tells them their help is needed in an undercover op in Luciana hotel. They also don’t have a cover story, so they will be posing as hotel and bar attendants and guests.

Brendon thinks it’s like extras in a movie, and Laura thinks it’s boring, but Garza reminds her that it’s what they get paid for. Garza then asks Antoinette what she was doing there and then remembers that they’re on their first date. Antoinette wonders if Brendon told everyone.

The op wouldn’t allow them to make their dinner reservations afterwards, so Garza tells Antoinette she could join them. She agrees but asks if she gets a gun, and Garza tells her no.

There is a briefing, and they all leave to join the briefing. Louis Cronin, a supervisory special agent, has the op, so the team has to follow his rules even if it is their house. He has been monitoring dark web chatter, and an unsub offers stolen military technology that can track the navy.

The satellite tech is sold to Ritchie, and the money is to be placed in a specific briefcase. The exchange will take place at 10:00 that night. Garza stands as a waiter and says it fits him because he has free access across the hotel. He ushers in Carter and Simone and asks them to stop calling him boss because the criminal might be in the hotel already.

Simone notices the lighting in the hotel and asks Carter for his phone so she can take a photo of him for the dating site. Just then, Ritchie comes in, and Garza notifies his team. Louis Cronin tells them not to wait as he is outside in a van with the rest of the tech agents.

Antoinette tells Brendon it’s his first undercover mission, and she’s loving it. Simone is taking Carter’s pictures, but Laura comes in and says the real issue is his bio. She thinks Carter needs to include that he is an FBI agent.

Garza brings them their orders and receives a call from Louis Cronin. He tells him that he got an alert that there was a murder in the parking lot of Aerospace relativity. Cronin says he will send agents to the murder scene after Garza says there was nothing in the car.

Garza approaches Brendon and Antoinette and asks if they are okay. Brendon then tells Antoinette that he was an extra before he became an agent, and they both start playing as actors as they speak Spanish.

Carter’s phone is buzzing with texts from the dating site, and Simone and Laura demand to see the profile matches. As they talk about the matches, a man comes in with a briefcase in hand. The team thinks it’s the unsub, but the man heads over to a lady and not to Ritchie as expected.

Later, they find out the seller was the man killed in the parking lot. Louis Cronin is filled with anger and disappointment. Garza tells his team to wrap up, but Simone is hesitant after seeing another man with a briefcase.

Louis Cronin thinks Spencer had a partner, but Garza thinks it’s the killer or the seller or both. The man heads over to Ritchie. When Ritchie asks him to open the briefcase, they find it is an empty briefcase.

Louis Cronin asks the agents to arrest him, but they later find out that he is just a patsy sent to switch briefcases. Garza and his team are allowed to take the case from Louis Cronin.

The team then takes over the case from Cronin. The headquarters are not happy because Louis Cronin pulled the trigger too soon. To start off where Cronin fails them, Garza sends Carter and Simone to the murder scene to see what they can find.

They also start with the camera to see if there is a serial number that could help them track the killer. Antoinette looks at it, and there is no serial number. They, however, find out it is short-range, about 50 meters. They conclude the unsub was in the hotel and he sends Brendon and Laura to the security area.

At the murder scene, Carter and Simone find out that the killer used a cheese wire to kill Spencer. Simone looks up on her phone on Vicap to find out how many experienced deaths like the one they are investigating. They find one person who survived but is currently in jail, his name is Frank Patterson.

At the security office, Laura and Brendon are talking and Laura lets Brendon know that she and her boyfriend are trying long-distance dating. Just then, they find a credit card lead, and Laura calls for a warrant.

Carter and Simone go to jail to question Frank Patterson. From the questions they ask, they find out that the suspect lets criminals do all the robbing work, and later takes all the spoils. Carter calls them a ‘Remora’. But according to Frank Patterson, he never tells anyone about his scores and he didn’t see the killer’s face.

Brendon and Laura then report the findings to Garza. According to them, the suspect was watching them from the hotel lobby and used a credit card to buy coffee and rent a ShareBNB. Garza tells them to find Carter and Simone to go check out the ShareBNB.

Next, the team raids the home where they find the man outside throwing out trash. They try to arrest him, but he gets away. He ends up hitting Carter, and Carter is hurt on his arm, but luckily, Simone gets the suspect’s phone.

At the hospital, Simone tries to make Carter feel better by telling him that it could have happened to anyone. She also looks at Carter’s profile, and he has 35 new messages. Carter says he doesn’t remember dating because he was married for so long, and he is not sure about this dating thing because he is an analogue dater, where Carter gets his arm treated.

Just then, Fortune comes in. She’s a nurse, and Carter and she have already crossed paths before. She apologizes for the delay and says the hospital is at capacity.

Simone’s dad then calls her, telling her that he’s staying on guard to make sure Billie doesn’t try to sneak out of the house. However, Simone tells her dad to let Billie make the mistakes that will turn her into the woman she is meant to be. They come up with a plan to get rid of Taylor.

Simone suggests that they should delete the dating app because Fortune, the nurse, is into Carter. They come to the conclusion that the suspect used a fake name to rent the ShareBNB. Garza tells the team to go and take a rest.

In the morning, Simone’s dad tries to show Billie that they both like Taylor, but they fail. Billie is upset and goes to clear her head.

Brendon and Simone are talking, and they both feel they’ve changed, but they promise to hold each other accountable. The team also finds three calls on the suspect’s phone, which gives them a lead to Rebecca, who is a tech competitor of the suspect. They conclude that the suspect was trying to sell the tech to the competitor. They had been on call for about 7 minutes.

The suspect wants them to meet, but Rebecca refuses to meet him. This leads them to Trevor. Brendon and Antoinette are talking, and Brendon thinks that they should reschedule their first date.

The team is set to capture Trevor. Trevor then meets with a man who ends up killing him and taking the satellite tech. The team then arrives at the scene to arrest Trevor, but they are too late. They now need to look for the real killer.

They conclude that Trevor was killed by someone who hated him. They find Peter McCord, who was Trevor’s cellmate. Now they need to find McCord.

The team, together with LAPD, gangs up to capture McCord, but he escapes. However, Carter manages to get the satellite tech and gets his stitches popped. Garza allows Brendon to go on his first date with Antoinette and Carter finally gets to ask Fortune out on a date.

Brendon meets with Antoinette but she gets a call and she has to leave for work and they don’t get to go on their first date. But Brendon later follows her to work and promises to watch her work.

Cutty later calls Billie back to try and talk her into patching up things with Simone. Simone says he will call her herself but just then Billie comes in. According to Cutty, he spent 8 years away from the people he loved and will not the same happen to his family. Billie and Simone apologize and they end up patching things up. Billie then leaves to meet with Taylor and go back to school.

Simone then looks at Billie as she leaves and asks Cutty if parenting ever gets easy. Cutty then embraces Simone to make her feel better about her parenting issues.

The Episode Review

It is understandable that Carter is finding it difficult to get into the dating game again. Things have evolved so much from when he was last single. Dating in this era can be hectic, thankfully he has Laura and Simone to help him navigate.

Brendon and Antoinette are so cute. I hope they get to go on more dates and grow as a couple. Obviously, work schedules will be a bit of a problem but I think they will be able to make it work.

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