Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 12 “Out For Blood” Recap & Review

Out for Blood

Episode 12 of Rookie: Feds season 1 Simone and her companions take part in interviews regarding the disappearance of Dante Smith. Smitty discusses his plans to film a pilot of his own and recounts how he discovered the body and captured it on camera.

He believes it was a vampire attack due to the lack of blood in the victim’s body. Garzahew interjects to provide clarification, explaining that the body had indeed been depleted of blood. This prompts Brendon to reveal that he had previously played the role of a vampire detector in a television series.

Garza then shares how he came to investigate Dante’s case, mentioning that he was found on government-owned property. Carter and Laura also join the interview, expressing their initial thoughts that Dante was a drug user. However, the results of his toxicology screen came back negative, which was surprising given the presence of track marks on his arms.

The interviewer then poses a question about a photograph featuring Brendon and Dante. The camera shifts to a local podcaster who claims that Brendon is not human. Suddenly, Brendon’s father arrives at the interview and announces to the group that his son is, in fact, a vampire. He whispers to a frustrated Brendon that this revelation will delight his fans. This leads Carter to embark on a tangent about Bigfoot, but Laura quickly redirects the conversation.

The team then recounts their progress in the investigation, mentioning a lead they had discovered. They had encountered a man who only ventured out at night and claimed to suffer from a disease that prevented him from being exposed to daylight. However, their investigation revealed that he was a children’s author with a solid alibi. Finally, Garza confirms that they soon realized that they were dealing with a serial killer, the so-called “Canyon Killer.”

Laura takes credit for profiling the Canyon Killer. Garza confirms her brilliance in the field. Another agent, Mark, joins Laura and informs the interviewer that he too played a crucial role in catching the killer. Both agents express their satisfaction with having brought the murderer to justice.

The interviewer then visits the prison to speak to the prisoner, who claims to be innocent and possesses evidence to prove it. Upon returning to Laura and Mark, the interviewer’s news catches them off guard as the prisoner intends to provide them with proof of his innocence.

The killer then makes an absurd accusation that Laura and Mark are engaged in an affair and that Laura is unstable. The killer also reveals that Laura was unaware of her fiancĂ©’s infidelity. Garza becomes frustrated with the interviewer’s attempts to cause drama, while Laura and Mark are overheard admitting their romantic relationship on their microphones.

Garza then provides an update on the investigation of Dante’s death, revealing that Dante’s body was drained of blood by the time it arrived at the morgue. They eventually discovered that a man named Jake, a failed model who was angry with Dante for dating his ex-girlfriend, a skincare mogul, had taken the body.

He mixed Dante’s blood into a face lotion for his ex-girlfriend. Simone expresses her disgust at the situation. Brendon then goes into further detail about blood types and the like, explaining that he learned about these topics on his show. Simone admits she doesn’t remember this particular storyline, proving she never watched his show.

Finally, Carter uncovers the shocking truth that the skincare mogul and Jake had conspired to kidnap Dante for his rare blood, which the mogul used in her skincare products. However, they later discovered that the murderer was actually the mogul’s son, who had accidentally killed Dante while trying to obtain his golden blood. He was eventually caught while attempting to find other individuals with golden blood. Garza proudly boasts about his team’s work, while Simone vows to never use that face cream again.

The Episode Review

This episode was fun. I love that Brendon never knows what is going on around him. How did he not know that Laura and Mark are dating?!

This episode also gave me a new fear, I will be thoroughly checking the ingredients used to make any product and I’m sure you may do too! However, I doubt manufacturers would openly tell us if they use human blood! With all that in mind, Rookie: Feds delivers another enjoyable chapter.

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